Dr. Bruce Peret

Dr. Bruce Peret (retired) is the current Director of Research and has a comprehensive background in computer science and electrical engineering. He has worked for several multinational corporations over the span of twenty years. From 1991, he has been involved in the research and teaching of the Reciprocal System of theory (first developed by Dewey Larson,) developing a unique alternative to conventional physics. He has written several original papers in Reciprocity, the quarterly technical Journal of the ISUS, on the importance of polar Euclidean geometry and has, in association with Prof. KVK Nehru, completely reevaluated the theory as "RS2," and his rewrite of Maxwell’s approach to electrical engineering has revived the use of the long-dormant quaternion mathematics. He has also been instrumental in simulating the details of the theory using computer imaging techniques. He is currently a full time researcher of the Reciprocal System, focusing on the foundations of electrical theory.

Reciprocal System Research Society

1680 East Atkin Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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