1982-08-12 7th Annual Business Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Saturday, August 14, 1982, at the Towne Building, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

The business meeting of the International Society of Unified Science was called to order at 1:43 by Frank Meyer, president. Six members were present.

  1. Treasurer Rainer Huck was not present to give his report. Member Gilroy read the report, stating in summary that the current net balance of ISUS is $693.37. The treasurer's report was approved.
  2. The secretary then read the minutes of the Sixth Annual Convention, held at the North American Rockwell plant in Downey, California. The minutes were approved.
  3. Senior editor of Reciprocity, Jan Sammer, next presented his report. He stated that 1000 copies of issue XIII and 250 of XIII were printed and that each issue cost $1054. Sammer said that typesetting would cost another $3/page. Satz brought up the lack of forms in the past two issues (these forms were voted at the previous convention to be included in each issue of Reciprocity). Gilroy agreed to turn over the final version of the forms to Sammer. President Meyer said that Reciprocity is now being sent only to members, subscribers, and former associates, and that there are now approximately 75 subscribers who are not members of ISUS. The editors report was accepted.
  4. The president then called for Old Business. There was none. The president then asked for New Business.
    1. Based on an earlier discussion in the morning, member Gilroy moved that secretary Satz prepare a magazine ad for ISUS and the Reciprocal System. Halprin seconded the motion, which then carried. It was suggested that the first draft of the ad be completed by mid-October.
    2. Member Halprin moved that we increase membership dues to $20; member Sammer seconded the motion. However, the motion had to be dropped because there were not enough Board members present to approve it.
    3. Next, a number of measures to improve the status of ISUS were approved by the group:
      1. Senior Editor Sammer was authorized to obtain a foundation grant to fund the publishing of Reciprocity.
      2. Local study groups were urged to officially register with the secretary of ISUS.
      3. Members are to work on devising an experiment, observation or test of the Reciprocal System that can be performed on the space shuttle or with the space telescope.
    4. Satz moved that ISUS be empowered to accept loans from members, provided that there are no legal restrictions. Member Halprin seconded the motion, which then carried.
    5. Gilroy moved that ISUS request contributions from members specifically for the advertising campaign. The motion carried.
  5. Next, election of board members was held. Members Anderson, Huck, Meyer, Satz, and Studtmann were up for re-election. All were re-elected by acclamation. Since an insufficient number of Board members were present, no officers could be elected. The elections will have to be carried out by mail after the convention.
  6. Finally, the meeting turned to the question of where to hold next years convention. Member Gilroy moved that the president poll the members of the Board to see whether Vancouver or some other location would be suitable. Member Halprin seconded the motion, which then carried.
  7. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.

Ronald W. Satz
Secretary, ISUS

Reciprocal System Research Society

1680 East Atkin Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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