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Books by Dewey B. Larson

The Revised Edition of The Structure of the Physical Universe
(3 Volume Set)

Nothing But Motion ( 1979 ) [ 8.8 Mb]

Volume I of the revised edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe. Covers the basic postulates of the Reciprocal System of theory, reference systems, radiation, gravitation, superluminal velocities, atoms, sub-atomic particles, the origin of physical constants, cosmic ray decay, simple and complex chemical compounds and the groundwork for future research.

Basic Properties of Matter ( 1988 ) [ 12.2 Mb] ( out of print )

Volume II of the revised edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe. Analysis of solid cohesion, inter-atomic distances, compressibility, heat, electric currents, electrical resistance, electric and magnetic charges and ionization, magneto-statics, isotopes, radioactivity, atom building, mass and energy, in light of the reciprocal relation between space and time.

Universe of Motion ( 1984 ) [ 12.3 Mb]

Volume III of the revised edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe. The Reciprocal System as applied to astronomy, describing the origin and evolution of stars, globular clusters and galaxies. Describes the origin and the structure of quasars, pulsars and neutron stars, and other gravity-intense phenomena.

The Structure of the Physical Universe ( 1959 ) ( out of print )

Dewey B. Larson's first publication on the Reciprocal System of physical theory. Note that there are chapters missing—they were never actually published in the first book, having been tentative research and incomplete at the time.

Beyond Newton: An Explanation of Gravitation ( 1964 )

This volume clarifies the general gravitational law and also furnishes an explanation for each of the characteristics of gravitation, including the two items which Newton made no attempt to determine the origin of the gravitational force and the mechanism whereby this force is exerted.

The Case Against the Nuclear Atom ( 1964 )

An examination of the accepted structure of the atom, the problems and advances it represents, and a complete re-evaluation of the theory based on the natural conclusions concerning the nature of motion from the Reciprocal System of theory.

NOTE: Due to a printing error, pages 97-126 are duplicated in the book. When you hit page 97 again, just skip forward to 127. There are no pages missing.

New Light on Space and Time ( 1965 ) [ 7.3 Mb] ( out of print )

Larson's bird's-eye view of the entire development of the structure of the physical universe, as a concise, unified picture of his theoretical development of the Reciprocal System of theory. Starts with a summary of where we stand both conceptually and mathematically, then develops the RS theory.

Quasars and Pulsars ( 1971 ) ( out of print )

Quasars and Pulsars is a detailed investigation into astronomical phenomena, originally predicted in the 1959 publication, The Structure of the Physical Universe. Larson explores the details on formation, internal structure and fate of these objects, comparing theoretical calculations with observation.

The Road to Full Employment ( 1976 )

The application of physical science to a solution of the unemployment problem. Larson identifies the true case of unemployment and finds a huge reservoir of fully self-supporting jobs that can be utilized to provide continuous employment on a guaranteed basis and without cost to the taxpayers.

The Neglected Facts of Science ( 1982 )

The Neglected Facts of Science deals entirely with observable facts, the necessary consequences of those facts (without introducing any theoretical ideas or concepts) and is essentially a report of a series of experimental discoveries in light of the Reciprocal System of theory.

Beyond Space and Time ( 1995 )

A comprehensive overview of science and its relation to major philosophies and religions of the world. Larson delves into the metaphysical ramifications of the Universe as derived from the Reciprocal System, including the origin and eventual destiny of life, ethical behavior and the paranormal.

Monograph on the Liquid State ( 1996 )

 Larson worked out a series of privately circulated technical papers on the liquid state of matter. The most important discovery he made was that the state of matter—the solid, liquid or gaseous—is a characteristic of the individual molecule/atom. Larson was able to calculate from the theory, without the need to introduce any arbitrary parameters, various property values of hundreds of liquids accurately.

Papers included:

    General Theory [of liquids]
    Volume- Relation to Temperature + supplement
    Volume - Relation to Composition
    Volume - Relation to Pressure
    The Liquid-Solid Transition
    The Critical Constants
    Viscosity and Fluidity
    Surface Tension
    Review and Appraisal
    The Melting Point - Relation to Pressure

Edited by KVK Nehru and Rainer Huck.

The Road to Permanent Prosperity ( 2008 )

Dewey Larson's second book on economics, detailing how the scientific method can be used to create a prosperous future. Includes discussion on markets, inflation, recession and various means to stabilize an economy.

Books by Other Authors

Collected Writings of K.V.K. Nehru on the Reciprocal System of physical theory
( Karumuri Vinaya Kumar, Nehru, 1982 )

A collection of articles, both published and unpublished, covering 14 years of research into the Reciprocal System by Prof. KVK Nehru of India. Includes articles on physics, astronomy, metaphysics and private correspondence with Dewey Larson and others.

Toward a Unified Cosmological Physics: The Reciprocal System of D. B. Larson ( 1979 )

The Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Arnold D. Studtmann, evaluating Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System in detail, starting with photons, atomic interactions, through the formation of stars, galaxies and their eventual demise. Very extensive and complete information.

Fundamentals of Scalar Motion ( Denslow, Lawrence E., 1997 ) [ 1.9 Mb]

This present volume is solely an attempt to provide a clear straightforward presentation of some of the simpler aspects of the Reciprocal System of theory. It is not intended to supply any new developments other than terminology and the identification of the origin of certain fundamental concepts that are often assumed as a result of general familiarity with mathematics and the physical sciences. In that sense, it is an introduction to some of the concepts of scalar motion and their consequences for a theoretical universe of motion. The concepts introduced and the terminology used in this volume may be completely new and different from that familiar to most students of the physical sciences as previously presented on this planet. It is impossible to present new ideas completely in terms of old ideas, and therefore, it has become necessary to invent new ways of expressing the ideas so that they will not be mistaken for the old ideas.

Quaternion Organon: A Journey of One Eternal Round ( Hamner, George F., 2001 )

A fictional novel, but with careful footnotes and references. One purpose was to help bring Larson’s Reciprocal System to a popular audience. Covers a broad spectrum from science to metaphysics. A brief history of theoretical physics is included in the appendix that will make the reader hungry for a better explanation.

Periodicals Collection

A 5-book set of over 2000 pages containing all the papers published in the New Science Advocates newsletter, Reciprocity and ISUS News. Individual periodicals can be found at The Periodicals Collection page. NOTE: these are image scans and are large (~25 MB each).


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