The --daniel Papers

The "--daniel" papers, written specifically for the New Age, metaphysical and conspiracy communities, use concepts from the Reciprocal System to delve into places that Larson never dreamed of, such as extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional entities, alterations of history ("Hiding history in the past") and an entirely new look at astronomy and anthropology. "--daniel" (aka, Daniel Phoenix III), is David Wilcock's well-known "insider" from 2004 to 2010, after which he went public with this information.

Written in a non-technical, humorous fashion, these papers convey a great deal of insight into the concepts of the Reciprocal System and how they apply outside of general physics.

Open mind required, as these papers venture into some strange areas!

ALL the --daniel papers were published as PUBLIC DOMAIN; they are not copyrighted by the International Society of Unified Science.

The Uncommitted Investigator [ 132.4 Kb] (English)
Nezávislý Badatel (Čeština)

A short discussion on the uncommitted investigator, those basement researchers that produce new knowledge with their own skills and commitments, without corporate control.

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

An analysis of the current geoengineering of Earth, including chemtrails, the upcoming solar transition, solar radio and x-ray emission, timelines and superstorms.

Time and Timelines [ 262.3 Kb]

A discussion on the nature of time and the temporal experiments run during the Phoenix III project.

Extra-Dimensional & Extra-Terrestrial Entities [ 393.4 Kb]

An analysis of the concept of an extra-dimensional entity, showing how dimension and density relate in the structure of the life unit. Also a discussion of extraterrestrial contact, and the problems the human psyche may encounter.

I. Geochronology

PDF: Geochronology [ 2.2 Mb]

Part 1 of the Anthropology Series on the Hidden Origins of Homo Sapiens. Radioactive decay and stellar generations are used to do a reevaluation of geochronology, how we date ancient history. Natural consequences of this reevaluation bring science in line with religious and mythological dating, and give quite a different perspective on the origins of mankind.

II. New World Religion [ 628.5 Kb]

Part 2 of the anthropology series on the hidden origins of homo sapiens; a discussion of Project Blue Beam, and how the powers that be are using technology in an attempt to divert the course of spiritual development in mankind.

III. Homo Sapiens Ethicus [ 746.7 Kb]

Part 3 of the Anthropology Series on the Hidden Origin of Homo Sapiens. A detailed discussion of bioenergy and its association with the processes of life, death, reincarnation and ascension, using Larson's Sector 3, "ethical level," as a model.

IV. The Colonization of Tiamat: A New Hope

Are galaxies, far, far away actually solar systems, close, close, nearby? Mounting evidence is definitely pointing to this unusual situation of "mistaken identity." If this is the case, then Intervention Theory, the concept that says we've been visited by ETs many times in the past, may also have strong, supporting evidence. This paper analyzes the galactic solar system idea and discusses the arrival of the first visitors to our world, the Cyclopeans.

V. The Colonization of Tiamat: The Annunaki Strike Back

A detailed examination of planetary structure, examining various hollow and flat Earth models proposed in ancient days, using an extended "hollow planet" theory to identify lost worlds, lost continents and phantom islands all the way from Heaven to Hell. Continues the plot in Part IV with the arrival of the Annunaki, out to colonize Tiamat to exploit its resources, identifying these lost continents with the domains ruled by the gods.

Blog Posts from

Rubicon [ 137.7 Kb]

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve run across the word “Rubicon” a good number of times, right down to the title of last week’s “The 100” episode. I didn’t even know what the word meant, but since I can usually take a hint (when applied with a sledgehammer), I decided to look it up. What I found on was rather interesting.

Life, the Universe and Digital Society [ 156.7 Kb]

A discussion of communication, or lack thereof, in our modern, digital society.

Space Travel: Science is Fiction? [ 218.7 Kb]

It may well be that man is not capable of going boldly where no man has gone before, and the touted "quarantine field" promoted in New Age circles is actually a natural phenomenon and a "safety valve" to prevent space exploration until a specific level of consciousness has been reached.

The Mind Has No Firewall [ 270.7 Kb]

In my paper, “New World Religion,” I commented on the fact that “The Mind Has No Firewall,” stating that our minds, those lumps of gray matter that run our body and life, have no protection against a number of non-biological viruses such as subliminal programming, suggestion, behavior modification and even active mind control. Our computers, however, have very extensive “firewalls” that block out all these unwanted intrusions from other computers on the Internet. If we were only that careful of our own minds, then The Powers That Be would be out of a job, because they could not influence the “masses” to the extent they do to stay in power—and they put a great deal of time and effort into it. A reader of that paper suggested that I should expound upon this topic as a blog entry.

Reprogramming for an Open Mind [ 155 Kb]

Taking a look at the process of reaching conclusions, and how to identify when you are being directed towards a conclusion--rather than coming to it on your own.

Extraterrestrial Albino Brain Chiggers [ 254.5 Kb]

Has the mind of man been invaded by extraterrestrial microorganisms that are consuming his intelligence, returning him to the status of good slaves to the gods? Is the dumbing-down of humanity an accident, or an invasion of albino brain chiggers? The answer may not be as ridiculous as it sounds.... there are some interesting correlations.

Where’s the Kaboom? [ 456.9 Kb]

The question arose in response to a paper put out by Miles Mathis titled, “The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked,” which went on to demonstrate, through publicly available records, the many inconsistencies in the tests. LoneBear’s RS2 analysis was quite interesting, describing how nuclear fission works in the Reciprocal System (which has a different structure to the atom). This is a summary of that research, with additional information.

The Nature of Truth--and How to Manipulate It

An examination of how the mind perceives "truth" through layers of world views, and how those world views are being manipulated by the powers that be, to replace "natural consequence" with an artificial reality that is perceived to be truth.

The Nature of 3 Dimensional Time

Daniel builds a bridge between conventional understanding and what the Reciprocal System perspective is, to help to clear up the concept of multi-dimensional time.

Elixir RS2  (English)
Elixier RS2  (German)

For the sake of convenience, all of the above mentioned --daniel papers and blog entries were compiled into a single PDF. Moreover, this compilation also includes introductory material from the RS2 literature (copyrighted by ISUS) and selected forum posts dealing with the latest findings of spirituality while trying to couple it with the model of RS2.

(English: 669 pages, 11.7 MB, Dec 2021)
(German: 252 pages, 6.4 MB, Dec 2021)


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