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The editors of Reciprocity welcome papers, especially from new contributors. The requirements that a contributed paper must meet in order to qualify for publication are clarified below. Editorial assistance is available in those cases where a limited amount of revision will enable a paper to meet the requirements.

As stated in the by-laws of the International Society of Unified Science, the objective of the Society is the advancement of the Reciprocal System of physical theory. This theory, as it is defined, consists of two fundamental postulates, together with everything that can be derived from those postulates by logical or mathematical processes, without introducing anything from any other source.

The unitary character of the theory, resulting from the derivation of all of its conclusions from the same set of premises, is its most essential feature. It is this status of the theory as a general physical theory-the only thing of its kind-that enables proof of its validity by the probability method, and enables extension of the theory into areas inaccessible to observation. The purpose of Reciprocity is to contribute toward the accomplishment of the objective of the organization. Acceptance of items for publication shall therefore be determined by the following criteria:

  1. All items must have relevance to the stated objective of the International Society of Unified Science.
  2. Original technical articles must deal with the Reciprocal System of theory, as defined above, or aspects thereof; that is, the propositions supported must purport to be derived from the postulates of the Reciprocal System, or from previously published conclusions reached on that basis, without introducing further assumptions.
  3. Arguments advanced against previously published material must be similarly based.

Papers should be sent to one of the editors. All published papers become property of ISUS, Inc.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

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