Outstanding Achievements

Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System of physical theory has a number of "outstanding achievements" through the use of its predictive and deductive power regarding the underlying structure of the Universe being a simple, inverse relation of space to time. Some of these achievements are:


  1. Published a prediction of quasars-like galactic objects in the 1959 book, The Structure of the Physical Universe.

  2. Pulsars motion being opposite to gravity.

  3. Stellar evolution sequence reversed (red giant to blue supergiant, detailed in The Universe of Motion).

  4. Stellar generations deduced (single, double, triple, quadruple star groupings).

  5. Red giant and white dwarf: solving their structural mystery.

  6. Planetary cores contain white dwarf fragments.

  7. Explanation of Bode’s Law.


  1. Theoretical derivation of fundamental constants (Nothing But Motion, Ch. 13).

  2. Derivation of structures of elementary particles.

  3. Derivation of cosmic ray decay series and resonances.

  4. Derivation of the limits of the periodic table.

  5. Reciprocity of Gravitational motion and Galactic recession.

  6. Theoretical derivation of basic properties of matter (Basic Properties of Matter):

    1. Interatomic distances (elements and compounds)

    2. Specific Heat patterns

    3. Compressibility

    4. Resistivities

    5. Lenz’ law and diamagnetic susceptibilities

    6. Critical Points of more than 100 substances (Liquid State Papers)

  7. Clarifying the nature of the "time region" (the atomic configuration space), defined in The Collected Writings of KVK Nehru.

    1. Cooper pairs and superconductivity

    2. Ferromagnetism

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