EPR Experiment

23rd August 1984

Dear Dewey,

On rereading and rethinking your solution to EPR I see that I leapt into a world of fantasy, possibly stimulated by Disney World.

I realize now that you meant the simultaneity to apply to all within our physical sector and that the tie-up was between vector and scalar motion. If I now read you correctly, the photon-pair originate within the same space-time unit, hence our observation of 2 ‘particles’ in a vector framework is only one aspect of the motion, and hence the polarizing flip-over of one photon in our vector framework must, of necessity, involve a flip-over of both photons, hence they are both still within the same space-time units. What puzzles me, however, about this existent, so described, is:-

Have you ever previously accounted for such a pair, and also do they vibrate in parallel or orthogonally?

Do you agree that the experiment devised by EPR is the best crucial experiment for validation of RS?

Notwithstanding the foregoing, please comment on aspects of existents, mentioned in previous letter, 2 days ago.


International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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