Changes regarding accelerated motion

Dewey B. Larson
755 N.E. Royal Court
Portland, Oregon 97232


                                                          May 2, 1982


Dear Jan:

Here are my ideas as to the changes that can be made in order to take care of the issues raised by the editor:

Page 13, last line on page: After “accelerated motion,” insert the following:

At any given distance d, the total motion is distributed oven an area proportional to d , Thus the proportion of the total motion applicable to any unit increases if the motion is inward and decreases if it is outward.

Page 14, line 10: Delete “observed existence of stationary charges” and substitute: “observed existence of charges that are at rest in the reference system.”

Copy for the ad is enclosed, It will be desirable to have the ad set at your end of the line as before. Send the bill for this and the magazine space to the North Pacific Publishers.


International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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