Thanks for your hospitality

August 31, 1982


Dear Jan,

With our houseguest's departure I now can have a chat with you via this epistle and typewriter. We were so disappointed not to see you at Ron’s home that last Saturday evening. And also much concerned after hearing about the loss of your car battery and aware of all the inconvenience that would mean to you. When the theft occurred, following the frustrating time you had locating the meeting place of ISUS , the experiences would not place Philadelphia in your “HAPPY” file for the present, I am sure. We also called you on Sunday and Monday before we left in hopes to bid you adieu. So sorry for all your troubles.

Now for a happy note—Dewey and I want you to know that the hospitality which you extended to us made the trip worthwhile. Meeting us at the airport was a pleasure for us and also the drive to the motel. You gave us pleasure by joining us for the tour. Later, getting acquainted with the physical lay-out of the Princeton campus and surrounding areas was of much inters est to us. Except for the drive to Ron's home, we never had another opportunity to see any of the rural areas as in the drive back to the motel from Princeton. We surely thank you for that. We are gratified that we were given a glimpse of the state’s sylvan beauty.

Taking us to the computer center was definitely a learning experience for me which I welcomed.

Dewey and I sincerely thank you not only for your hospitality but for several hospitable offers which we could not accept., When, sometime, you may come West, you may consider our home yours to come and go as you wish. It would be a pleasure to show our part of the world.

Kindly extend to your mother our hopes that her recovery will continue on an uncomplicated course. Our very best wishes to you and your future.


Dorothy Larson

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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