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Dewey B. Larson
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Mar. 25, 1983

Dear Jan:

I have been slow getting around to answering your letter of Feb. 15, but you no doubt understand the reason.

With respect to the possibility of getting a foundation grant, the NPP cannot do anything along this line, as they are technically a profit-making organization, even though they have to be subsidized financially by several of us, and have to depend on volunteer help to carry on their operations. If any approach to a foundation is to be made, it will have to be either by the ISUS or by individuals.

The big roadblock in the way of getting a favorable response from a foundation is that those organizations have advisers in the various fields in which they operate, and they invariably select those advisers from among the members of the Establishment, the very people who are the most adamantly opposed to allowing consideration of unorthodox ideas. The scientific member on the advisory board of the foundation that you suggested contacting is Walter Dyke, who won’t even let his college buy any of my books. The chances of getting anything past him are effectively zero.

I think that the foundation idea has has merit, but I believe we are going to have to get some publicity first, even if it is unfavorable publicity. That is why I suggested the advertising program that was approved at Philadelphia. In my opinion it is unfortunate that there has been such a long delay in getting this program into operation. I am enclosing a copy of a letter to Frank Meyer about the current situation.

As to the book prices, you are quite correct that the older books are now underpriced. but the original printings were only about 2000 copies, and by the time inflation has put the prices significantly out of line, there are so few copies left that it is not worth while to go through all of the things that are involved in changing the prices that have been advertised. Three of my books are already out of print, and one more will follow shortly.

Do you have the back issues of Reciprocity? I would like another copy of the Autumn 1982 issue.


International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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