Updates to UOM draft

Dewey B. Larson
755 N.E. Royal Court
Portland, Oregon 97232


Feb. 12, 1984

Dear Jan:

The page numbers jump at the start of Chapter 11. The last page of Chapter 10 is 229. The first page of Chapter 11 is numbered 250.

In your letter of Feb. 1 you gave me what amounted to a blank check, so far as making changes in the text is concerned. I now have a case in which I need to find out just how far this latitude extends. As indicated on page 195, I want to insert two new paragraphs. One of my findings that plays a significant role in the theory of the evolution of the stars is that there is a large amount of dust and gas in interstellar space, available for accretion by the stars. The general astronomical opinion has been that, on the basis of the observations, the amount of such material is quite small. This is a rather critical point, and the results of the first systematic infrared survey, just completed, are therefore of much interest. They give a big boost to our side of the argument, and obviously should be mentioned, now that they are available.

I am not familiar enough with your procedure to know just what is involved in making changes. The way things used to be done, we first received a galley proof, which we could alter or expand without causing any trouble for anyone; then later a page proof that was difficult and expensive to change. The only way that we could alter this page proof without these problems was to be sure that the new matter occupied exactly the same number of lines as that which was being deleted. Now, if you are in somewhat the sa.me position as we used to be with the galley proofs, what I would like to do is to make the minor revisions of the wording that I show on page 194, and then insert the enclosed two new paragraphs at the point indicated on page 195. But if this is going to make difficulties for you, I can rewrite pages 194 and 195, deleting ensugh material to make the total length just about the same.

There are four omissions in the proof. I have referred to the manuscript pages in each case, but just in case they might be helpful, the following are the texts of the omitted sections:

Page 161: Stray aggregates of Substance A similarly captured are the stony meteorites.

Page 167: might at some later date encounter conditions

Page 171: : infrared stars

Page 195: as they are formed, but the rest has to be picked up by existing

I have made two changes in the text, including the one on page 194 already mentioned. These are:

Page 145, Sentence beginning on line 2: Change first part to read: The components of the white dwarfs are not dispersed in space, and these stars do not participate

Page 194, Sentence beginning on line 2: Change to read: The truth is that the astronomers' conclusions as to the amount of accretion by stars have been little more than guesswork.

The front matter is OK as you have set it up, I have shown the ISBN number (which we assign). The LC number has been applied for, and will no doubt show up in due course. There will be a preface, which I will send to you shortly, The later volumes in a series do not ordinarily need prefaces, but we intend to advertise this book as self-contained in the same sense in which this term applies to any other astronomical work; that is, it presupposes only physical laws and principles.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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