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Feb. 16, 1984

Dear Jan:

Here are the next five chapters. I have messed them up a bit by asking for three revision, one to take advantage of the IRAS survey, and two because I found that I did not like the way the author of the book handled a couple of his paragraphs.

Page 264: This is one of the sections that I did not like.

Page 275: Since the revision of page 264 only applies to my explanation of how the locations on the diagram are determined, and does not alter the locations, it does not call for any extensive revisions farther down the line. This paragraph is the only one, aside from a change in the term that I am using on page 276 in referring to the lower boundary of the ordinary white dwarf zone.

Page 284: Liebert’s wording is somewhat obscure. He refers to “pure helium atmosphere degenerates”: that is, “degenerate” stars with helium atmospheres

Page 298: The portion of the text omitted reads as follows: “relatively slow novae that are quite high on the list, and some”

Page 316: Apparently you do not have the latest version of this page. I thought that I had sent you copies of all of the changes that were made in the text subsequent to the time that I sent copies of the manuscript to you and the circulating list. Apparently this one was missed. I hope there are no others.

Page 320: Just in case my comments here are not clear, the distances should be expressed in “light years”.

Page 322: When I wrote this the cosmology chapter was the final one. Now that I have added another, we will have to say “final chapters”.

Page 329: Since this paragraph needs to be revised to bring in the IRAS results, I have revised it to fit the new material better.

Page 336: The portion of the text omitted reads as follows: “or in time, at a speed of n/1,”

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