Proofreading of UOM

Dewey B. Larson
755 N.E. Royal Court
Portland, Oregon 97232


Feb. 29, 1984

Dear Jan:

The L. C. card number has arrived. It is 84-60388

Do you want all of the pages that are being given a second proof reading sent back, or only those on which corrections are needed? There will not be many. On my first run through Chapters 1 to 5 I found only 6 minor errors. I will give this section another reading, but I doubt if I will find any more.

In one of our telephone conversations I mentioned the question as to the division of words at the ends of lines. Since I am not familiar with the way in which your mechanical devices handle this situation, I have not paid any attention to these divisions. I am just mentioning it as being one of the things that I had to watch in my proof-reading in the days before the machines came on the scene. As examples of what I am talking about, page 345, line 14, has “inc-apable”, and page 354, line 9, has foregoing. I am not very fussy about divisions, but these are rather conspicuously at odds with normal practice. I was wondering if such things are smoothed out in the mechanical typesetting.

Here are some comments on Chapters 16 to 20:

Fage 343: The following wording was omitted:

object is more than a hundred billion kilometers in diameter. But this does give us an answer to the question as to the nature of the filaments. These “slender”

Page 356: 190 is a reference number omitted in the manuscript.

Page 357: The following wording was omitted:

are confined by the overlying matter, and the pulsars included in these products

Page 3,58: There is an abrupt change of subject at line 16 on this page, and a new paragraph is needed, as in the manuscript.

Page 362: The quantity P has to go into the denominator. This can be handled either by parentheses,1/(6 P) a or perhaps better by a negative exponent, 1/6 P-5. The similar expression on the next page is o.k. as it stands.

Page 377: The following wording was omitted:

of these requirements in all

Page 384: This expression should be I mr2/156.44. I copied in wrong in the manuscript.

Page 385: This is another of my mistakes.

Page 393: I think that this change will avoid some confusion.

Page 394: This is another place where I think that a paragraph break is needed. I had the break in the manuscript.

Page 414: Here I would like to make another change in the text. This is a place where we have caught the astronomers off base, and I want to be sure that the readers get the point. I do not believe that I made it clear enough originally.

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