Corrections to UOM

Dewey B. Larson
755 N.E. Royal Court
Portland, Oregon 97232

Mar. 15, 1984

Dear Jan:

I am not treating you very well with this section. Besides finding the usual number of typographical errors, I have located quite a few goofs that I made in the manuscript, and once again I have a few ideas for improvement.

Page 458: I listed 11 quasars in Q & P. I left one out of Table IV, but failed to correct the number that was mentioned.

Page 469: The original wording seemed to be rather confusing when I read it this time, so I have written a revision, which is enclosed.

Pages 489 to 492: From the way you set up this table, I take it that the table is too wide for the page. But it is the kind of a thing that needs to be all in one unit to get its message across, so it will be advisable to fit the table to the space available. I am enclosing a revised version which leaves out three columns. I believe this will cut it down far enough, but if not, I suggest setting the table in 8-point type to get it within the available space. The deletion on page 489 will take care of the change, so far as the text is concerned.

Page 504: The following is the wording that was omitted:

= +0.i5, and instead of assigning all quasars with low radio emission and high U-B indexes to Class I, we will put those members of this group that have B-V

Page 506: It just happened to strike me that the quasar which is off the reservation here is the same one that was out of step in Chapter 22. So I would like to delete the sentence that I have marked, and end the paragraph with the following addition:

The deviation of 3C 280.1 from the normal range of B-V indexes is probably due to the same cause as the deviation of this quasar from the normal radio pattern, as shown in Table VII, Chapter 22.

Pages 525 to 528: I really don’t use the radio emission values in the present version of the book, except for an incidental comment or two, so we might as well eliminate the detailed explanations. Please delete the wording I have marked on page 525, and all of the paragraph beginning at the bottom of page 527 after the first sentence. Substitute the following:

The values given in the tables are absolute emissions recalculated from the data of Sandage257 and expressed on a relative basis similar to that used for the optical emission.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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