1997 Conference at L/L Research

Dear Carla,

This is to confirm that I have received you Letter of 2 April, 1997 in response to my Letter of March 22, 1997 to you and Jim McCarty. I and my associates are delighted with your response to our request that you consider volunteering to host our 1997 Twenty-Second ISUS Annual Conference in Kentucky during August, 1997.

Our 1996 Conference in Denver decided to include the issues of Dewey Larson's BEYOND SPACE AND TIME along with the issues of his Reciprocal system of Physics for our promotion of Mr. Larson's revaluation of natural science. Your Letter of February 18, 1997 has convinced me and many of my associates that you and L/L Research among our present members are indeed qualified to facilitate this transition. We think it is time to give some priority to the new natural science of metaphysics without retreating from our initial goal of recommending the splendidly truthful Dewey B. Larson revaluation of the old natural science of physics, known as the Reciprocal System of General Physics. Thanks to BEYOND SPACE AND TIME, metaphysics no longer remains only a part of philosophy, but also has become a new part of natural science.

Let me start by answering the questions of your Letter:

Will Friday & Saturday, August 1-2, be satisfactory?

In answering your above questions, I'm acting in behalf of ISUS, Inc., and our principal officers, President Hoyt Stearns and ISUS, Inc. Executive Director, Dr. Rainer Huck. Shortly, each and every member of our ISUS Board will be informed to participate in making this decision to hold our 1997 ISUS Twenty-Second Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Kentucky during August 1-2. We appreciate your not saying "no" to our invitation to you, as bona fide ISUS members, to host our Twenty-Second Annual Gathering.. We hope to and can do everything that is wanted to insure your caring to say "yes" to this meaningful 1997 deed. You will be doing nothing less than aiding in further publicizing the remembered great work by Dewey Larson and Don Elkins of revaluing the whole of natural science for the better future of the whole of humankind.

By all means invite Prof. Steve Tyman to our Twenty-Second Conference critically to compare and contrast the metaphysics of Larson and the Law of One. As persons who have studied BEYOND SPACE AND TIME together, you, Carla, and Jim, should not feel shy about sharing in the Conference discussion, remembering, as Will Rogers said, "we all are ignorant except about different things."

Our next issue of Reciprocity-ISUS News, publicizing our Twenty-Second ISUS Conference will be ready to go, so soon as you return your amended and approved terms of accommodations and meals arrangements and costs to myself or Bruce Peret, Associate Editor. We are willing to consider any choice and judgment you and your associates may wish to offer whether and/or how to bring your organization name into this 1997 event, L/L Research, as co-sponsor or partner of ISUS, Inc. Are you incorporated? Am I right in assuming that you are non-profit, tax-exempt?

Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any. Please let us have your reply for Reciprocity-ISUS News as promptly as possible.

Best wishes for a fruitful collaboration in behalf of Dewey Larson and Don Elkins between you, Carla and Jim, and us,

With love, Winifred and Frank.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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