Letter to the Editor

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert
L/L Research
18 February 1997

Hello there, Frank-

At last, I come to your Christmas letter and your question regarding Larson's BEYOND SPACE AND TIME, which Jim and I just finished reading together--we read it over a period of time during our morning offering. I am very pleased to say that the musings of Larson and those that Confederation sources such as Ra have given us remain unified in perspective.

Larson's Sector Three is Ra's Time/Space, or metaphysical universe. His Sector Two biological units are congruent with Ra's view of our bodies as being physical vehicles for the consciousness within. His Sector Three ethical men are the same as Ra's mind/body/spirit complexes. Both view the aim of life at moving from sector two or physical human status to Sector Three or metaphysical status, of choosing to accelerate the pace of the evolution of our own spirits.

I thought his book remarkable in that, without ever reading THE LAW OF ONE material, it sounded so many common chords. I only wish Don Elkins could be alive to receive this excellent volume. He thought so highly of Larson's work--so he would not be surprised by his insight into spiritual realms of thought.

I know you have not met Jim McCarty, Frank--but you'd appreciate him, I know. We are doing fine, very much enjoying ourselves as we keep the faith here in Kentucky. We see ourselves and our work as being servants of the light. The L/L Research that we three started together remains for us the chief purpose of our lives. We have dedicated them entirely to keeping L/L's doors open and the material available, and continue to feel that we are working for Don, whose vision was the birth of L/L. Jim has transformed our little acre of earth into stunning and profoundly peaceful gardens, and we feel infinitely blessed in our lives and work. We're just now completing work on a fifth and final volume of THE LAW OF ONE, a volume of fragments of personal material we removed from the volumes back 16 years ago. We have decided, after much pressure, to publish these fragments along with our commentary on them. I am glad we are doing this, as it will allow us to say quite truly, "No, there's nothing else Ra said--we've published all of it." It also gives the reader a chance to see us as the bozos that we are, entirely human and flawed as are all of us here on Earth. I think it should put an end to any reader's mixing us up with those of Ra!

After I complete my commentary--I'm about half done--for the BOOK V, I'll get back to my WANDERERS' HANDBOOK. I am still at the stage of collecting material for it. My feeling is that anyone who has awakened to her spiritual nature, identity and purpose is a Wanderer, so I do not distinguish between those who see themselves as Christian pilgrims or other accepted religious types, and those who perceive their nature as being those who are from elsewhere in the universe and have come here to serve on planet Earth as servants of the light. All, regardless of where this feeling of being the spiritual outsider comes from, experience the same sort of displacement from the "normal" life around them. They feel isolated, alienated and abandoned. They feel pressed towards a mission, but have great trouble identifying what that mission is. My feelings are that wanderers all have one mission: to live lovingly, moment by moment, upon this Earth palace. It is not what one does that is the deeper service, but the attitude with which one meets the moment; the way one does those things laid before her. A Wanderer's job, once she has awakened, is to live centered in love. Just that. And this can be brought to any activity, so all services are equal. Changing the diaper and healing a multitude are equal, if one does them both with the same loving and open heart.

We are also moving ahead on other projects--a jointly channeled book by myself and the source "Qu'o", and Barbara Brodsky and her source, Aaron, who unlike Qu'o is an inner planes being, a spiritual guide of Barbara's. We instituted the joint sessions because we felt there would be an interesting dynamic since our sources were dissimilar, but both were positive. We have found that positive info does indeed harmonize. Q'uo and Aaron love working together, and Barb and I do also.

Another project is a Book Of Days, using channeled material from my Holy Spirit channelings. Yet another is a video on L/L Research. This is something we have wished for, but two previous attempts failed to produce a good one. Now there is a reader who has some good contacts and has produced videos and other things, mostly CD's of her music, who wants to make this video. She also wants to write music for the sound track of it. This is an interesting project which we are hoping will go forward this time. We shall see!

How do you fare? How is ISUS? As I said, Jim and I are just dandy, and enjoying our every moment. Today is so springlike, the sun gleaming golden through the windows, the air balmy and welcoming. We've seen robins, buntings, even our red-tailed hawk family is nesting again, so we are looking for an early and warm springtime. Our garden should be even lovelier than in past years--Jim planted 10 bushels of bulbs last fall, and several dozen new kinds of lilies and iris. We can hardly wait! And we have found a wonderful treat which grew out of what seemed a disaster--we had to replace our septic field--it had been put in in 1923, so it was due to fail! We sacrificed our little orchard to avoid having to dig up Jim's many beautiful and established gardens in the back. In the process of clearing the orchard, the men inadvertently uncapped a wet weather spring we had no idea existed. Many would have viewed this as a calamity, as water got all over our yard, but not Jim--he has built a collecting pool, and plans to dig a pretty channel through the side and back yard and down into an old brick cistern we have underground at the other edge of our yard, which has a pipeway all the way to the storm drains in the next block. So the water will be a beautiful part of our newest gardens. I wish you could visit here some spring and enjoy the flowers with us!

You take care and be sweet, dear one. Many blessings and L/L until we speak again.


International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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