1997 Conference at L/L Research

Dear Frank-

Well, knock ME over with a feather! I never expected to receive such an amazing letter from your august and honorable hands! You want us to host the convention!? This will take some discussion, but I don't say "no", just have some questions:

Our house, regarded as a physical plant, is set up to have meetings of no more than 10 to 15--say a dozen people. We have often put people up before; in fact our last workshop was attended by 13, and they all slept here. Some of these beds are nice, most are two-to-a-room, some are just functional--we added three makeshift bedrooms in the basement to handle our needs. And I have cooked for that many for the space of Fri. night through Sunday noon or so. So I know it can be done. But if we did it that way, we would have to ask everyone to pay us back for what we spend on groceries.

Perhaps it may seem irrelevant to you in the context of who we are, and how we are connected to you (that is by philosophy, not science), but neither Jim nor I has a clue about papers of the scientific kind, which will undoubtedly be the order of the day. Jim especially is concerned that we know so little of what ISUS treats of.

My E-mail number is carla@llresearch.org, and my fax/phone number is 555-555-5555. If you wish, you are welcome to respond through one of these media, if time is of the essence. We do need to have an idea of what we need to do to prepare. I would personally be delighted to cook for you all and put you up, especially if money is a problem. But I need to know well ahead of time.

The trouble we have with the August date is simply that we are usually on serious vacation time in August--and could swing early September or June-July better than August, for that reason.

If you do meet here, I shall ask Prof Steve Tyman to present a paper on the metaphysics of Larson and The Law Of One, compared and contrasted. He is a Ph.D. in philosophy, and has published in his field. His treatment would be better than my own by far. However, for the present we are quite happy for you to publish my letter.

Let us know! We await your further thoughts. Meanwhile, many blessings to you and of course, always--L/L--

Carla Lisbeth Rueckert McCarty

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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