Transcript of lecture at Downey

Jan N. Sammer        78 Hartley Avenue       Princeton       NJ     08540

Mr. Dewey B. Larson
755 N. E. Royal Court
Portland, OR 97232

November 7, 1981

Dear Dewey:

I enclose a transcript of your lecture at Downey. I think it should be included in the next Reciprocity, which I am now preparing. It reads very well, and requires only minor changes. I would appreciate it if you would go through the text and make the necessary corrections sometime within the next two or three weeks.

Besides your lecture, we are planning to include Ronald Satz’s paper on the Rutherford scattering experiment, and possibly Nehru’s paper on the 1ifetime of the neutron. Ronald is now refereeing that one, and I will follow his advice.

The delay in the appearance of this issue is due almost entirely to various technical and other difficulties that I have been running against. When I accepted the task of preparing the issue, I did not have a clear idea of how I would do that. As soon as I came back to Princeton, I started to investigate half a dozen or more different possibilities; and only about ten days ago I finally was able to get access to a limited amount of the University's computer time, and I will produce the issue using that. For the final version a different printer will be used, with better types. 'I'he green-striped paper is only for drafts.

Partly the delay is also due to my not having been in the hest of health in the last two months; I am now recovering from a bout of mild pneumonia, and several other illnesses—this has made it difficult for me to fulfill all my obligations on time. This was very disconcerting to someone not used to being ill. I am getting back on schedule, however.

There is much else I would like to write about—your fascinating Beyond Space and Time, which I am now reading for a second time, and your other planned publications, but I will do that separately.

My very best wishes, and warm regards to Dorothy,

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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