Re: copy of Frontiers of Science article

Jan N. Sammer     78 Hartley Avenue       Princeton    NJ      08540


November 9, 1981

Dear Dewey:

I enclose a copy of the Frontiers of Science article, in case the issue has not yet reached you.

A few things could have been done better—I did not know that she would change the title (I suppose it was too long); and. she should not have said that “Electrons don’t exist.” The little four-line note about you appears twice, at the beginning and at the end, and the note about the piece having appeared in Reciprocity is omitted. Blake’s picture of Newton is beautiful, but I would not call it a portrait. But these are quibbles. On the whole I think the result is very good. I hope you are also happy about the ad, which appears on the inside back cover. Elizabeth also mentions you in her editorial.

As I mentioned to you before, Elizabeth wanted another article from you. Recently I talked to her again on the phone about it. If you don’t object, I would send her a few pieces to select from, including “The Mechanism Of the Universe,” “Science Without Apologies,” and “Step by Step.”

My best for now,

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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