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June 25, 1982

Dear Dewey :

It has been a while since I wrote to you. Two weeks ago I at last received copies of your new book, and yesterday picked up the new issue of Reciprocity. I enclose a few copies. I hope you are satisfied with the way your article is published. I wish I could typeset the issues in the future, and am trying to find some way that would not be overly expensive. The large size of this issue was not intentional, but a mistake of the printer. I wanted it reduced to half size as usual, but he printed it without reducing it. It would be nice to have it full-size in the future, but the cost is always a problem.

I hope I will have some more time to spend on Reciprocity and on Frontiers of Science in the next weeks and months; I have gotten two large manuscripts out of the way—one by Velikovsky, another by Stecchini—which in the last few months have left very little time for other things. Your article in Frontiers of Science should be out before the August conference, but there is no telling for certain. It is definitely scheduled for the May-June issue. I have not yet finished reading The Neglected Facts of Science, but it clearly is one of the most important books ever published an the physical sciences. The hard part will be to make the scientists read it. Lately I have talked about your work with Lyman Spitzer, who is retiring at the end of June from the post of Director of Princeton University Observatory. He has an article in the current Scientific American on the space telescope, a project with which he has been involved for several decades. In the brief discussions we have had so far he told me that in the years since the publication of Beyond Newton, a book which I lent him for a while, the problem of the cohesion and stability of the globular clusters has been resolved to the satisfaction of astronomers. He himself did some work in this area.

I am very much looking; forward to seeing you both in August. I wonder how long you will be able to stay, and whether you would like to visit New York or go to the ocean for a few days. If so, I would be glad to take care of transportation and accommodations.

With warm regards to Dorothy,


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Reciprocal System Research Society

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