Publishing Basic Properties of Matter

Jan Sammer 78 Hartley Avenue Princeton NJ 08540


November 17, 1983

Dear Dewey:

By now you should have received two copies of the first two chapters of your manuscript, The Basic Properties of Matter, typed double-spaced. I hope this will save you some work as you begin preparing this book for publication. I will send you subsequent chapters as I complete the typing for the serialization in Reciprocity. If you have any changes to make, please mark them on one copy and send the pages back to me. I will then send you the corrected version. If the text is prepared this way, only a few adjustments are needed for it to be usable as input to a Linotron 202 typesetting machine.

I am working on the astronomy book now, and should have the first hundred pages to send you fairly soon. The way I propose to do it is to prepare the text in a way similar to the first two chapters of The Basic Properties of Matter. At this stage we can take care of all corrections, and when that's done I will put in the typesetting instructions.

As for the references, I will send them to you in the next few days, after I have compared all of them with the text. I am reluctant to offer you advice, since you have done very well without it all these years, but it seems to me that completion of The Basic Properties of Matter should now have the highest priority, the more so since many of the physical processes active in The Universe of Motion are described in that volume.

My best,

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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