Typeos in chapters sent

Feb. 2, 1984

Dear Dewey-

It is my turn to be embarrassed by the number of typos in the five chapters I sent you. I will try to be a little more careful in the proofreading. I would like to remind you that changes are very easy to make, and you should no hesitate to make even corrections you consider trivial. Also, if you wish to enlarge on any subject, there is no technical obstacle to your doing so, until the actual typesetting.

The work is coming along quite well—I am at Chapter 22—and before the weekend I will send you seven more chapters for checking. As far as style is concerned, I have followed A Manual of Style, put out by the University of Chicago Press. This means that a period is placed in front of the closing quote mark in all cases. This seems standard practice. The manual also specifies that insertions within quotes be placed in square brackets, and not in parentheses. I am also changing the top headings to agree with those in Nothing But Motion, and have prepared the front material in the same way.

We should also start thinking about preparing the index. The machine does this automatically, but each word to be indexed has to be indicated. Please give me some guidelines on this.

I have shown the illustrations you sent to Mr. Eden Muir (the architecture student I mentioned to you) and he will be getting to work soon. He also offered to design the dust jacket. I don’t know what your feelings are on this subject. An attractive design could help sell the book. (I am thinking, for instance, of a picture of a galaxy, such as NGC 5194).

Meanwhile, I have not forgotten about the mailing; I will try to finish the address list in the next few days.

I did receive Corliss’ mailing—the same day as your letter of January 28th. He seems to be doing well with your books. I have also tried to arrange for him to distribute Dingle’s Science at the Crossroads; it seems to me that if this book became better known, scientists might be forced to realize on what shaky ground they stand, and might become more receptive to new ideas.

My best, – warmest regards to Dorothy

P.S. Here are a few additional references. Please let me know if you need any other sources to check. I apologize for not completing this job.


International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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