Received package

Jan. Sammer
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08540

September 9, 1984

Dear Dewey:

Just received your package and will try to get it all finished really quickly. In the last few days I did what I should have done long ago, that is run a computer spell check on the whole book. I ferreted out quite a few typos (in fact, I should have gotten every last one, if the program is any good). In any case, the corrections have been made.

By now you should have received the new issue of Reciprocity. The double issue that was discussed at the conference will be the next one.

I have started on the transcripts of the interviews; I want to thank you again for you patience; I feel there is a possibility of something really important coming out of this. The first step, as I see it, has to be to finish the transcripts and organize the material, then see what needs to be added, and go on from there.

Thanks again for your kindness and hospitality in Salt Lake,

With warm regards to Dorothy,

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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