Masthead for Reciprocity

Jan. Sammer
560 Riverside Drive Apartment 3Q
New York NY


December 8, 1985

Dear Dewey:

Enclosed is the new masthead for Reciprocity, together with your article on the galaxies for the special issue. I have sent the same material to Frank. It is set up on the Macintosh computer, using the Laserwriter printer. Please feel free to make any changes in format or content that you think appropriate . The cost is a very reasonable 50 cents per page, so that I should be able to produce the entire issue in this way. However, I do not have any idea what else, besides this article of yours, is to be included in the special issue. Do you want “The Dimensions of Motion” to be included as well? Should Nehru’s article on “Scalar Rotation” go in? Ron Satz had some objections to Nehru’s piece, and recommended against publication, but it seems to me that according to our stated policy, it should be published, and later critiqued, if anyone objects to it.

I hope to make the special issue a quality publication, and am asking Frank to be in close consultation regarding any material he wants to include—we don’t need any more manifestos, but rather substantive, well-thought out articles.

My best,

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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