Articles for Reciprocity

Jan. Sammer
560 Riverside Drive Apartment 3Q
New York NY

March 2, 1986

Dear Dewey:

As you probably noticed, on the inside back cover of the last issue of Reciprocity, I announced that we were planning to make available an offprint series of the major articles published in past issues of Reciprocity in lieu of the unavailable back issues. The first of the articles in that series is now ready (Ronald’s paper on the Rutherford experiment), and I am currently working on two more (Ronald’s “Further Mathematics of the RS” and your “Just How Much Do We Really Know?” I hope you have no objection to including this article of yours in the series, although it was never published in the journal. It should be ready in about a week, and I will send you an advance copy for corrections and/or changes.

The idea of the offprint series is to have a formal collection of important articles available through ISUS. It should generate some revenue for us, besides. Further down the road, we may want to publish the whole collection as a book.



International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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