After 3000 Years

The most significant feature of this new development is that it is a general physical theory, one in which the basic laws and principles of all physical fields are derived from a single set of fundamental postulates, without making any further assumptions of any kind, and without introducing anything from any outside source. Construction of such a theory has been a major goal of science for three thousand years, and an immense amount of time and effort has been devoted to the task. But until now, all of these efforts have been totally unsuccessful. The failure has not been a matter of arriving at the wrong answers. Previous investigators have not been able to formulate any single theory that would give them any answers, right or wrong, to more than a mere handful of the millions of questions that a general physical theory must answer. As a result, present-day physical theory is not a single integrated structure, but a multitude of parts and pieces which, as the physicists admit, do not fit together very well. Every conclusion derived from currently accepted theory rests on hundreds, if not thousands, of separate assumptions.

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