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D.B. Larson accomplished two great discoveries before he died. He has clearly shown that, just as Newtonian theory was mistaken when postulating that space and time are unrelated, so modern physics has mistakenly overlooked that space-time is not continuous, as postulated by relativity physics and not inert or stationary, as postulated by both relativity and quantum physicists. Larson's revalued physics, his general reciprocal system of physics, teaches that space-time is identical with motion and quantized. Just as Copernicus helped our ancestors to discover that our planet Earth is not immovably located at the center of the universe, so Larson helps our generation to discover that we do not move about in an inert, immovable, continuous, structureless space-time.

As we approach the time of our Twenty-second Annual Conference, the 1st and 2nd days of August, 1997, we continue to develop and promote the far-reaching revaluation of the science of physics that has made possible his first great discovery: The Universe of motion is the relation between two uniformly progressing reciprocal quantities, space and time, at unit speed. All physical entities and phenomena are compound motions, resulting by speed displacements from unit speed, 1/n and n/1, where n is finite and the magnitude of unit speed is the speed of light in vacuo.

Larson's successful revaluation of physics has made possible his second great discovery. The physical universe is not the whole of human existence. Humankind is related to, but distinguishable from biological life, and is no mere, incidental part, no accident of the physical realms. We do not exist for the sake of the physical world. Rather both the material and the cosmic physical sectors have been designed and constructed to make the human world and our living relatives among the plants and animals possible. Larson's second great discovery, also culminating from his successful revaluation of the science of physics, is that the physical sectors have a significance and purpose beyond themselves in sustaining temporarily the bodies and minds of the members of our species, for the purpose of designing and producing in each of us, man and/or woman, Sector 3, the essential non-physical, immortal sector of human existence.

For the present let us note how modern science dismisses the whole Sector 3 concept. Natural scientists have but one argument for rejecting the possibility of existence outside of the physical universe. This argument is the premise that all existence is in space, and in time.

In the universe of motion, this is not true. Space and time do not constitute a container for the entities and phenomena of that universe; they are the contents of the universe.

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