Is Motion Prior to Matter?

Frank Meyer raises the question of "motion prior to matter" in this article [Solid Cohesion and the Expanding Universe, Reciprocity XVI, #3, p. 13]. This concept is derived from the progression of the natural reference system?1 unit of space per 1 unit of time—the motion of "no-thing" which is assumed to exist prior to any displacement resulting in the formation of matter.

The ratio of 1/1 equals 1, unity. "Unity," being composed of two aspects, is the ultimate oxymoron.

The question I pose for consideration, is, "does the duality of space/time exist, prior to matter?"

In my personal opinion, no. In one of Larson's lectures, he describes motion as a container exemplified by a box, with "space" as the outside, "time" as the inside, and the box being the unit boundary. "Motion" is all of the components: inside, outside, and the box itself. Thus, if you have a box, you must have an inside and an outside. If you have an inside and outside, you must have a box. In essence, motion cannot be separated from its aspects, and when motion exists, something is manifest. In this view, "motion" cannot be prior to matter, because it would be like having an "inside" and "outside", but no box! Conversely, "matter" cannot be prior to "motion", because that would define a box, without an inside or outside!

Since it is impossible to measure unit motion, it may be a moot point, but nonetheless, an interesting exercise in abstraction.

Reciprocity XXVI, #3 (Winter, 1997), p. 14

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