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The Reciprocal System of Theory, (RS), founded by Dewey Larson, has been extant for several decades and has been known by the cognoscenti to have the potential to explain all the events and existents of the physical universe. In addition to Larson’s own published findings and developments, there have been many more additions to the catalogue of achievements made by others without the need for assumptions; the fundamental postulates subsume all deductions needed to explain the physical universe.

Little did the students of his paradigm anticipate the posthumous publication of a further scientifically logical extension to that model of the physical universe to subsume the non-physical sector, (independent of space and time), within the same tenets. This happened in 1996 with the launch of ‘Beyond Space and Time’.

Previously, if we wished to explain some physical phenomenon by RS, [that seemed to be adequately explained by one of the current physical paradigms, (albeit with some concomitant assumption)], then we had only to look at the writings of Larson or other papers published in Reciprocity to have a more genuinely scientific explanation, since there was no new assumption necessary.

Now that we have a scientific treatise on that sector of the universe that is independent of space and time, then we have a means to check out many phenomena, previously inexplicable outside of some belief system, that was formulated without a scientific foundation and therefore could have been ad hoc or even spurious in some of its explanations, depending more on faith than on proof.

The following paper attempts to put some of these phenomena into a Larsonian setting and concomitant explanation.


Of the two disciplines known as Transcendental Meditation and Spiritualism, their practitioners are mostly consciously aware in depth of only one of these two specialty belief and practice systems and unaware of, and/or disinterested in, the details of the other.

This means that the respective commonality of these two systems of instruction and their guidelines goes unnoticed and therefore comparisons are not made. One of the purposes of his paper is not only to match them with one another but also to bring in a third discipline, namely The Reciprocal System of Theory because of its umbral kinship with both of the others, as revealed implicitly from the latest publication, ‘Beyond Space and Time’.


It was well said of a certain German book that “es lässt sich nicht lesen”—it does not permit itself to be read. There are some secrets, which do not permit themselves to be told… … … .and thus the essence of all crime is undivulged.

—Edgar Allan Poe

Not so with the ensuing tale of erstwhile mystery and imagination, which does indeed permit itself, nay demand, to be read, and may be alternatively entitled “Revelations Limited”, wherein a Vorspeise of the essence of virtue, morality, integrity and the basis of human potential and worth is divulged.


Some reader may look upon what follows as a preposterous claim by the named professor, and want to vibrate his lance, rattle his sabre, jiggle his javelin or quiver his arrow. Hence the cryptic title.


This is the report of Professor Lars D. Lemma, who was abducted by a group of Meta-Terrans. His disappearance for all of last month was not noticed, since he tended to be a loner, conducting his researches into space and time at his cabin in the back woods and recording his findings with slow and painful accuracy, in the hope that some day he would publish them. Little did he know that what was in store for him was so incredulous a happening, that the reader will have to form his own conclusion regarding its validity. Yet he was so erudite in his description of the events that it would have been impossible for him to have fabricated such a story. There was so much to tell, that he asked for a secretary from the physics department of his university to type it up, since he wanted us all to know about it as soon as possible. He has agreed to go back with them one month after his return here, perhaps never to come back to earth. So we, his fellow professors, had to debrief him to the fullest extent possible. He gave us permission to question him under hypnosis one day, under a truth serum of sodium pentobarbital another day and attached to a polygraph, (lie detector), on yet another day. There have been no contradictions in his story so we have had to accept it as an accurate summary of events and conversations.

The galaxy, where the planet Meta-Terra encircles its sun, seems to be unknown to our astronomers, and Lars could not give us any information as to the manner of his transport nor to the direction taken. He awoke there after arrival, so his tale starts from that day. The scientists that he met had no need to speak English nor did he have to learn their tongue. The communications between them were by telepathy and he was able to participate with equal capability. They did not read each others mind however, so all knowledge was transferred to and fro, just as though it was spoken in a regular conversation. To all intents and purposes the planet appeared earth-like in every respect so he gave it the name Meta-Terra, rather than their appellation “Planet 1 of Realm-1”. His first questions were “Why did they use that name?” and “Were there other realms?” Their chief spokesman said that rather than answer a series of disconnected and jumbled up questions he would prepare a summary of the important features, that represent the raison d’etre for their life and milieu.


We have been aware of the planet earth and its humans for some time, and have made a study of them from afar, but we needed to have a more direct contact to fill in the gaps of our knowledge, so that is why we brought you here. We feel that there is so much in common that we are looking more for the differences than the similarities. It seems, thus far, that humans are at that point of their physical and mental evolution that we Meta-Terrans, (as you call us), were at many centuries ago. Similarly our understanding of the entire universe, (shared by both Earth and Meta-Terra), has also made a ‘quantum leap’, (as you would describe it), only in the last century. Our universe, (both yours and mine, as we understand it), is a combination of a physical manifold, (topological ‘space’), and a metaphysical non-topological manifold, constituting in all, a triplet of regions, mutually embedded into one another, two of which are physical zones and the third is a metaphysical zone, independent of both space and time. (“Wholly a trinity”, as the religious amongst you may choose to describe it, albeit transmogrified to “A Holy Trinity”.)

The space and time aggregates, constituting it, are equivalent aspects of the physical manifold, giving rise to both isomorphism and ergodicity between Realms 1 & 2, and also a Principle of Duality. However this deconstructionist approach lends inherent error if one is not careful, since such an analysis is for the understanding of the human mind and is, at best, a good analogy to the reality as experienced by beings, but there is the concomitant limitation of even the best of analogies, namely the universe is only one whole umbral existent, and as such there is no way to study it as the single entity it really is.

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, and no matter how we deconstruct it into petals, stamens, roots, perfume etc., in order to understand the rose, we must study the rose as a whole.

There are mortal life forms inhabiting the two reciprocal Biospheres, Realms 1 & 2, and immortal beings inhabiting the Ideosphere, Realm-3. The physical universe is really only one umbral existent, whose basic components are discrete motions, which give rise to Realm-1 and its complementary and inverse counterpart, Realm-2, and in the absence of any such motions, there is Realm-3. However the latter is something only observable as just described to the beings of Realm-3 and is almost incomprehensible and completely non-observable to the beings of both Realms 1 & 2. Realms 1 & 2 are mutually embedded into one another and therefore, in one sense, are as one region, yet they are, in another sense, mutually exclusive, and there can be no direct contact by the beings of Realm-1 with those of Realm-2 while they are each inhabiting their respective realms. In another sense they are completely incompatible with one another and their seemingly impossible co-existence is explained thus.

The basic motions of the Umbral Physical Universe, (UPU), are all discrete units, and consequently the space units of Realms 1 & 2 are discrete and they travel away from each other at the speed of light in a forever-expanding universe, and therefore such a universe would seem not to support the existence of either matter nor energy, let alone life forms, and therefore would be, in effect, empty of all but these discrete motions of one space unit per time unit, [unit speed, the datum, which is constant and is the speed of light (c = 1)].

However, as we mortals know, whether from Earth or Meta-Terra, there are always two aspects, (components), of motion, namely space and time, in a relationship, which is expressed mathematically as a ratio. So, when some of those motions admit of variation, not in magnitude but as a directional change, to effect a vibrating unit of space, (VU), alternating away from, or towards, all other such space units, we have the beginning of other variations of the original constant motion in the form of rotations and vibrations of these basic vibrating units (VUs). This leads to the formation of subatomic particles and the atoms of the elements, as well as charge and magnetism. However, due to the equal roles played by space and time as the two aspects of motion, and nothing more, then the result of this, deducible from the umbral concept, means that there must be two regions that are inverse to one another, in the sense that the time and space of the one zone is the space and time of the other. Since space is observed as having three aspects, so too must time have three aspects, even if they are not directly observable, illustrating the Principle of Duality.

Although one can tessellate, (cover), a plane completely with congruent, (identical), static shapes of a great variety, (squares, equilateral triangles, n-gons), you cannot do so with circles, since there are always intervening spaces, (interstices), in between neighbouring circles. Even more problematical is the concept, dealing with filling a three-dimensional space with congruent shapes, especially spheres.

Since the basic motion of the expanding physical universe leads to spherical contiguous space units being continuously created as they all recede from each other at unit speed, leaving the need for the following ones to replace their previous positions, then there must be simultaneous creation of nul-space interstices, which have to be ubiquitous zones of Realm-3.

Similarly there are interstices between the discrete time units and hence we can imagine that the pure ‘elemental’ thoughts, generated at each time or space interstice, could aggregate into an admixture and build up complex thought ‘molecules’ and ‘compounds’, analogous to those combinations of the chemical elements in the physical sector.

Really the two physical realms represent two viewpoints of the umbral physical universe, to bring it within the purview of the mortal mind, based on the usual five physical senses. Each of the Realms 1 & 2 obey the same natural laws, if one considers them independently, one at a time from within the particular realm. So the laws of conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics involving an entropy loss are the order of the day. Of course we have the apparent paradox of actual increase of energy when we consider the far-distant galaxies, forever accelerating towards the speed of light.

We cannot justify this by fudging a hypothetical potential energy at some alleged ‘central point’ in space, from which they are allegedly receding. However in any local environment the concept of potential energy and kinetic energy summing to a constant is acceptable. Nonetheless if we consider the two zones as so intimately related, that there is always a transfer of energy between the two regions to and fro, then as a whole there is a net equality of ‘energy in’ equals ‘energy out’. The loss of energy occurs when a certain energy maximum is reached by certain galaxies reaching an appropriate velocity that a considerable amount of matter disappears from the one realm, (zone), and reappears in the form of background radiation in the complementary, (reciprocal), realm.

This cyclic interchange of matter and energy answers the age-old question, that has ‘bugged’ your so-called philosophers of science, as to which of two alternatives described the alleged creation of the universe. Was there continuous creation of matter amidst the interstices of deep space OR was there the alleged Big Bang? Now you can see that each has its merits, yet each misses the point. Since Space and Time are no more than aspects of motion, then one cannot attach a time framework nor a space framework to the basic umbral universe. Motion always exists in the complete absence of time or space in the basic universe. Only when we want to explain the universe from the standpoint of a human(oid) observer, then indeed, time and space frameworks obtain, but they are of no use whatsoever for the paradigm that accurately describes it. The best you can do is say that there was no beginning, and that the furthest galaxies observed indicate how old the universe is in relation to them. With each decade your astronomers find that the supposed age of the universe must be revised due to new findings.

Apart from the aggregation of inanimate matter in the macroscopic world of galaxies, there was also a build-up of atoms and molecules in the submicroscopic world to macro-molecules over the eons until a certain molecule was formed, which we all know and recognise as DNA. This molecule is inanimate and consists of two inter-twined helical strands, which are attracted to each other by the force of gravity, as you would describe it. However this very molecule can become imbued, (invigorated), with life if it comes under the control of a life unit from the complementary physical zone, (LU-2 from Realm-2), where the laws of gravity in its originating zone are inverse if manifested in its inverse zone. (This is the working of the Principle of Duality, which is often called into play to solve problems re the manifestations from the inverse realm.) This repulsion enables the strands of DNA to be separated and this fission is the precursor to reproduction, (mitosis and meiosis), a necessary condition for physical life, as we define it. Although one cannot witness nor measure this life control unit, (LU-2), from the inverse zone in any direct way, its presence is manifestly obvious when we see a life form, and when it disappears for whatever reason, we call this event ‘death’. This life control unit from the inverse zone, (LU-2), has a form of intelligence, to the extent that it controls those ‘involuntary’ functions in a physical being, such as metabolism and muscle control, as well as being responsible for the (Darwinian) concept of survival of the fittest. However, that type of intelligence is what we call “passive intelligence” without denigrating it in any way.

Imagine a computer software program and operating system, encoded in the DNA, being realised by the LU-2 acting as an on-switch for a power supply control unit, and the ‘hardware’ is each cell of the physical body. The actual power comes from the energy released by the catabolism aspect of metabolism. Each cell of a living physical being has such an LU-2 so-attached as the ‘spark of life’.

However, what makes us ‘humanoids’, (as you would be wont to call us), intelligent thinking individuals, having a sense of right and wrong, morals, ethics, reasoning, rational thinking, wisdom etc., is our intimate association, (non-physical linkage), with a being from Realm-3, (the Ideosphere), who becomes a much more sophisticated and intelligent control unit when so linked, called CU-3, and provides the individual with a mind at least.

At birth, each of us is assigned, (we know not how), an associated being, (CU-3). These genderless beings are not morphologically describable, since they are not physical beings, and are free from spatial and temporal constraints when in Realm-3, and only when ‘attached’ to a humanoid life form, do they have a physical experience first hand. This linkage is a necessary practical experience for each of them if they are ever to aspire to ‘advancement’, (transcendence), within their realm. This linkage not only gives them the opportunity to practise moral and ethical standards via their associated physical being, but they imbue that being with his/her particular personality and general modus operandi. Naturally human relationships mean that this CU-3 takes on gender and temporarily loses knowledge of its former non-physical self and origin. This temporary state is usually for the lifetime of its mortal body, when at the death of the body, it is released back to Realm-3 as a spirit, usually of an improved nature to that disposition prior to the linkage. It now carries within itself, its mind, the important experiences of a life in a physical body and the wisdom and moral character so obtained. However it may have acquired certain traits, not so honourable, even being tainted with evil. Such a soul would need cleansing and perhaps a return to a physical realm with another linkage would be the method to achieve this reincarnation, so these beings from Realm-3 must have at least one linkage with a physical body. Their origins are subject to speculation, since from one point of view they are part of the human, yet from their own perspective the human comprises the physical body with its spark of life from Realm-2, (LU-2), and its concomitant spirit entity, living in a type of symbiosis for the lifetime of that physical body. This can be compared, as a very rough analogy, to the way a virus perpetuates itself.

A virus attaches to the nucleus of a cell and controls its reproduction by introducing its DNA to make the cell reproduce more virus, so the virus is a control unit for its own purpose.

A CU-3 attaches to the human, especially to control the brain, not to reproduce itself in the sense of producing another CU-3, a clone, but instead, to promote the various thoughts, (memes), of which it is composed, and have the particular human accept those thought memes and pass them on to another human.

[A meme is the unit of thought, defined by Richard Dawkins, one of your earthmen authors, as the counterpart to a gene in biology. It has the ability to reproduce and proliferate amongst thinking beings, just as the co-called ‘selfish genes’ do in the cells of physical beings. Just as a gene belongs to the Biosphere, so does a meme belong to the Ideosphere.]

Even though the receiving human also has his/her CU-3, the CU-3 varies from individual to individual as do humans differ from one another. The human brain is subject to more than what its own mind can process, and hence we see human thinkers and philosophers all spouting their own credos from the times of the Ancient Greeks through all their successors, and many schools of thought proliferating their own memes, hence we have an evolution of the mind as well as that of the human animal body. So obviously each CU-3 benefits from this exposure and is usually a better being when it returns to Realm-3, (the Ideosphere), upon the death of the host.

Realm-3 has its natural laws, but is difficult for us human(oid)s to discover more than a small subset of them, since we can only surmise so much. The information given to us directly by the beings in Realm-3 is on a need-to-know basis. We are expected to find them out by our own observations from personal experiences. Certainly we know that they may not tell us any specific predictions of our own future; also they may not attempt to alter our exercising of our free will, but if we make a request of them, especially if it is an altruistic one to help another, then this wish may be granted, within reason. That is how we can effect spiritual healing by asking to be able to help someone. There is a form of Karma, in that the more you do for others the greater will be your reward. This smacks of religious overtones, where we pray to a deity and/or his kith and kin, and our prayers are granted. What really happens is that one’s spirit guide relays the wishes to appropriate beings, (angels, spirits, free souls etc.), and they may bring it to fruition via the auspices, (good graces), of the doorman. (See later)

Were the body to be allowed to live without such a co-habiting entity, then it would not really be a human, since it would hardly be better than an animal, which lives by instinct and emotion alone, governed by the LU-2, without the faculty of reasoning, and moral and ethical behaviour. Rumour has it that eons ago, during the evolution of the animal kingdom, on or about the time that the humanoid made his appearance on two legs, so did the Third Realm, (Ideosphere), manifest itself. Somehow, presently unknown to us precisely, there are beams of memes being telepathised into the diasporic void. Perhaps it is a comparable phenomenon akin to the expansion of space units. Since the interstices of the space-units cannot be space-like, let alone time-like, they must be zones of Realm-3, also being created simultaneously with the space and time units, hence manifesting themselves as an emanation of pure thought, (memes), in the ideosphere.

These arriving memes have been said to be the crystallised pure thought units of the gods, themselves. As they collected together, so did they aggregate so that a variable admixture of assorted thoughts constituted the variety of thinking beings of Realm-3. These beings realised that their inherent purpose was to proselytise, and how better than to attach themselves to a physical species, whereby they would advance the species, so chosen, and simultaneously advance themselves by having the necessary practical experience to reinforce and solidify the hypothetical nature of thoughts alone. Even though there was a truly altruistic sacrifice insodoing, [since they mostly lost their memory of their life in Realm-3 while they were the linked control units (CU-3)], nevertheless their reward was the experience living in either Realm-1 or Realm-2 and knowing at first hand that the concepts of space and time were more than hypothetical abstractions.

The CU-3 has the potential to be in complete control, however due to the vicissitudes of a corporeal existence, there are mitigating factors, that are deleterious to health.

However it always had to weather the conflict with the LU-2, since circumstances would not have always been harmonious, For instance:-

  1. It may have been necessary to kill another member of the animal kingdom to survive, even if morally wrong.
  2. When the health of an individual was threatened, the LU-2 would not have always been able to cope and the CU-3 could request help from beings from Realm-3, who had the capability of doing spirit healing. The methods employed varied.

There is also a non-linked being from Realm-3, who acts as a type of doorman to that Realm for the benefit of the human, his ‘protector’ or ‘guardian angel’. For instance, the human can request via his CU-3 some help from a being in Realm-3 and the doorman, also known as a Spirit Guide, can summon such help. It is not unusual to have several beings attend upon a sick human via the spirit guide, (guardian angel), and help heal him by manipulating his aura. All defects in health are reflected through the aura to Realm-3 and by rectifying the aura, so too is the physical body rectified. The recovery can be instantaneous in rare instances, or take several healing sessions over a period of weeks or months to accomplish complete healing.

The linked presence of a CU-3 being is sensed by some humans, who call it by a variety of names, such as aura, soul and spirit. If it is sensed in a non-linked state then it is called a free spirit, angel or ghost. This sensing is either clairvoyance or clairaudience or both of these. The mediums who have this sensitivity can detect them in a telepathic manner, sometimes misnamed extra-sensory perception (E.S.P.). Actually this is a non-physical sense, that everyone has to a greater or lesser extent, and it can be heightened with appropriate training in reaching various states of consciousness, usually by yogic methods.

Such training can come from varying disciplines, such as Yogic Meditation, (e.g. Transcendental (Sidhi) Meditation), or Spiritualism.

There are instances where more than one CU-3 attaches to the one physical body, then there is a conflict of interest. Such a case is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), where the linkage is strong, or schizophrenia if the linkage is tenuous.

So the choices for a returned spirit are many.

  1. Return as a CU-3 to gain more practical experience with ethical behaviour. During this second visit to Realm-1 the previous existence is forgotten, in the main, and is only regained upon returning once again to Realm-3. There are exceptions wh ere a human may be induced to recall previous existences (incarnations).
  2. Become a spirit guide (doorman).
  3. Be on call as a teacher, through a suitable clairvoyant medium and the spirit guide of that medium, with a tenuous linkage to the physical world, while still remaining in Realm-3, except on special occasions it may be invited to take over the phy sical body temporarily, during a seance, perhaps to perform a healing.
  4. Be on call as a healer.
  5. Study within Realm-3 to attain elevation to a higher level of consciousness (transcendence).

Summarily, the Basic Universe spawns Realms 1, 2 & 3 at least, [two physical and at least one metaphysical (spiritual)], therefore no being from one of those realms can formulate satisfactorily a model for his realm alone; this paradigm must incorporate the other realms because of their inter-connectedness.

There are various instances in your society where cross purposes manifest themselves due to lack of standardisation. When people come from such different directions, they may not realise what commonality exists unless and until they make some effort to sort out any actual or potential misunderstandings.

This is instanced particularly in matters of the mind and/or the brain. Naturally there will be differences of interpretation of the universe through various regimens so this is merely an overview, pointing out some of the points in common and points of apparent disparity as seen by us when observing you humans.

When one measures the brain waves with an electroencephalograph (EEG) the two lobes of the brain each have their patterns of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta waves according to the state of consciousness of the subject not to mention other confounding factors. In deep meditation there seems to be a tendency for synchronised brain wave activity, called ‘EEG Coherence’. The pattern of coherence is a signature of the particular state of consciousness, hence varies from sidhi to sidhi.

As an analogy let us consider the muscles of the human body. They are comprised of the so-called involuntary and voluntary muscles. The average person does not think about his involuntary muscles, since the brain activates them as deemed appropriate for the regular functions of the body, such as are instanced with the heart and lung muscles or those associated with other internal organs. However, some people can train themselves to control these muscles voluntarily, and hopefully insodoing do not damage their health. There may not be any special advantage for most people in the preceding, (notwithstanding the beneficial effect of exercises one’s muscles), so there is no world movement to train people to achieve this capability.

Not so with brain and/or mind training! Concomitantly with this training there is an explanation, based on whatever belief system the proponent espouses.

Edward De Bono trains the brain to think in all manner of ways.

RS does not attempt to train anyone in controlling the brain, it merely is a paradigm, which explains from a strictly scientific basis and chain of reasoning those seemingly paranormal, supernormal and metaphysical phenomena, previously deemed to be inexplicable or perhaps in some instances spiritual.

TM deals with the mind and recognises various states of consciousness and attributes the basis for necessary progression and evolution of mankind to be predicated on the training of the majority of people having the ability to transcend to various possible states of consciousness, starting with the basic TM training and when an appropriate level of achievement is attained, then to progress via sidhi training to other levels of consciousness each of which

  1. is personally empowering in some area of human achievement, (physical and mental) and
  2. is capable of raising the society’s level of personal relationships.

At no time does TM appear to acknowledge the existence of other beings being personally contactable, (mind to mind), by such a meditator while in one of these states of consciousness, so that any information gathered by the practitioner, such as the location of a lost object, the welfare of another human etc., is assumed to be from a universal state of consciousness.

Spiritualism achieves much of what TM achieves and explains it differently. The mediums, who go into a trance, and who have clairvoyant and/or clairaudient capabilities, attribute their source of some of the information as coming from a spirit guide, who communicates with them mind to mind, rather than from a universal state of consciousness. They can gather information of the location of an unseen object by astral-planing, rather than a particular state of consciousness, called a ‘Sidhi’ by TM.

It may well be that the state of consciousness reached for a specific sidhi, having its own characteristic brain wave patterns in each lobe, is at the border, (transition point, interface, inter-regional boundary), where beings of the third realm, (ideosphere), and physical beings of their own realm meet on ‘common ground’, and the aura of the mortal being is attuned to this state and any change in an aura always has its physical counterpart in the mortal being, hence by training to achieve this state, by learning the sidhi program, one attains simultaneously the mental and physical benefit. That is why the proponents of the sidhi program talk about the higher altruistic benefit, which is the main purpose of the discipline, and it is incidental that they may ‘walk on water’, hop, hover, move through space or through a solid object, acquire distant information, whether news of a distant person or object etc. by inter-regional transference, have knowledge of previous incarnation(s), have the ability to ‘see’ into the past or the future or heal the sick.

The conscious human being has an ‘attachment’ to a time and space coordinate system, (framework), which linkage allows him to conceive his own personal reality, where spatial and temporal events and entities can manifest themselves to his observation and real experience. During sleep and most other forms of non-conscious activity, there is a relaxing of that tenuous bonding with the time and space framework, and in an ultimate form of meditation, there is a complete freeing of the attachment, (the mind being non-physical and the brain being physical), thus allowing the powers demonstrated by the sidhis. Circumstantial evidence is that when a person is coming back to full consciousness, whether from a day-dream, a full sleep or even a coma, he will have lost his sense of time and place, maybe even saying or thinking “Where am I, what day is this, what time is it?”

It is believed by many, and espoused by RS, that one of the reasons that sleep is needed is for the mind to readjust its relationship, (orientation), with the physical body, whose organs variously attach to the time framework and the space framework, which coupling has tended to go somewhat awry after lengthy periods of wakefulness.

For instance,

  1. There are various biological clocks situated throughout the body, controlled by the brain directly and/or indirectly. Some of these are turned off, or at least made less sensitive to the time frame during sleep or other states of consciousness.< /P>
  2. The physical sense organs for hearing, smelling, touching, seeing and tasting are the acknowledged five, while there may be at least one other that senses magnetic fields. These senses may be variously turned off, heightened or lessened during s leep or other states of consciousness.

The mind (Control unit, CU-3)) originates from the third realm, the ideosphere, the non-physical sector. There are various levels of mind, according to their evolution within that realm, consequently the various life forms in the physical sector are associated with the appropriate CU-3, accordingly. Hence we recognise that animals, insects, trees etc. all have their own CU-3 but its function is not as readily recognised by most humans, since they are mostly unaware of this linkage with Realm-3. However, there are those psychic people, for instance, who can ‘read’ information from these life forms and who recognise their important inter-relationship with all other life forms, often designated cosmic consciousness.

It seems that the CU-3 leaves traces of itself all around the physical sector, hence any inanimate possession of a human, perhaps a garment or a piece of jewellery can be examined by a psychic and reveal information about the past owner(s). This has been known to assist in identifying missing persons at least. These psychics may be gifted without special training or they may be trained with yogic techniques.


As a result of the elevation of public consciousness to the importance of:-

  1. Cognitive Brain Training in the art of thinking, as espoused by Edward De Bono and his ilk, and
  2. Cognitive Mind Training and the concomitant understanding of its inherent values, especially with the mechanisms revealed by TM and explained by Spiritualism and RS, there is hope for the human race to attain a transcendence over selfish economic and capitalistic goals thereby demonstrating the harmony of altruism and all its benefits.

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