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Within a minute or two after opening the book I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for. The wonderful thing about a real library is that one might find, among the musty books on dusty shelves, exactly the book you need, even if it was not the one the computerized card catalog sent you to. On March 23, 1997, I had discovered Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of theory. There, among the many quaint and curious volumes of relativistic quantum field theory, was Beyond Newton, An Explanation of Gravity. When he said in the Preface, “I should perhaps explain why the title is Beyond Newton and not Beyond Einstein…” I knew I was on the right track.

After 30 years of a mostly industrial business career, my wife and I had returned to our native deep south and I had obtained a position at the University of Alabama in the Manufacturing Extension Program. This job is a great combination of helping graduate student and faculty teams perform applied research for business clients, and an academic environment where I can pursue the research for a book I am attempting to write. I had graduated from this same university in 1966 with a degree in, of all things, Physics. I must have somehow known the current theory was flawed, for I never pursued my chosen field. I kept a low-key interest in “how the universe works” all my career, but in the last 3-4 years I have become intensely interested in learning more.

My “studies” have taken me from Vedanta through Theosophy to the work of P.D. Ouspensky, and now I have discovered Larson. Needless to say, I have read everything on the “new physics.” I tell my friends that I want to make a contribution at the intersection of physics and metaphysics. I have studied the “levels of existence” in the esoteric literature, and believe that the phenomena of the Astral Plane—the interface layer between the Physical and the Spiritual Plane—are much more relevant to our existence than generally perceived.

I quickly obtained almost all of Larson’s books through the Inter-Library Loan system. It was clear that I had finally found the absolute best foundation on which to build a physical universe, but I also found Larson tedious to read. He spends a lot of time lamenting the current state of knowledge, and he is forever telling the reader that he can’t explain something just yet, because it will come later, or is not appropriate for the treatment of the present book. It is interesting that he almost never uses the word “quantum” when it is obvious that his is the most basic quantum theory of all. Discussions of the RS theory would be greatly benefited by pictures and diagrams, of which the original work has very few.

One of the best stories of my early study of Larson’s RS theory is I was reading The Case Against the Nuclear Atom in my hotel room the evening before our organization was to visit the former top secret labs of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. What a supreme irony, that this book went in my car on the reservation where our country’s early work in “nuclear” technology was performed!

I found the original web site and sent my $25 to join the ISUS. After a couple of months the canceled check finally showed up but nothing else. I tracked down Rainer Huck on the telephone and really enjoyed him telling me how he was going to have to cut the salaries of the Society’s staff in order to get them to work faster! (Of course the Society staff is all volunteer) I also enjoyed the story about Rainer riding his BMW motorcycle out to see Mr. Larson the first time. But best of all, he sent me a couple of back issues of Reciprocity and other publications, including the Collected Writings of K.V.K. Nehru. It was wonderful! For the first time I was able to read what others had to say about the RS theory.

An Incredible “Synchronicity”

It appeared to me that Dr. Nehru was a major contributor to the current state of the Society’s research and I wanted to write to him and introduce myself. I still find it incredible that a favorite graduate student of mine, Ravindra Ganti, has his family home only a few miles from Dr. Nehru’s university. Some people would call this a “synchronicity”, a non-accidental opening that the universe provides to us. I wrote a letter to Dr. Nehru and, “as would have been done in a more gracious era long forgotten,” I had the letter delivered personally to him by Ravi’s brother, Sashank.

Even though I had a math minor a million years ago, I am a very poor mathematician. But I and a few others have a vague feeling that the Quaternion Calculus, invented by Hamilton in 1843 and generally discarded soon after the turn of the century, has a role to play somehow in understanding the workings of the universe. Quaternions seem to be able to depict scalars and vectors in some deeper manner.

So, in that hand-delivered letter, I sent Dr. Nehru some material on the Quaternion Calculus. In the first e-mail I received from him he had this to say,

“It is mysterious what prompted you to send that material on quaternions! At the time of working on the Paper “‘Quantum Mechanics’ as the Mechanics of the Time Region” (Reciprocity, XXIV (1), Spring 1995, p. 1), it became apparent to me that while we need complex numbers for working in the area of what I have termed the ‘one-dimensional zone’ of the Time Region (which deals with the ‘electronic’ energy states of the atom), we require quaternions for working in the area of the ‘three-dimensional zone’ of the Time Region (which deals with the so-called nuclear energy states). I have been looking for quite some time, unsuccessfully, for the sort of material you have now sent!”

Don’t tell me that the universe doesn’t work in mysterious ways!

The Photon as Birotation contribution of Dr. Nehru was a big help to me. The original “vibrating photon” always seemed a bit incomplete. It was not until I read the Collected Writings that I realized how controversial this new idea was within the Society.

ISUS and Metaphysics

Dr. Nehru introduced me to Bruce Peret and I have struck up an e-mail correspondence with him, discovering some similar interests to mine. I found the new web page and discovered a wealth of metaphysical material, even an article dealing with “channeled” information! My feelings could not be expressed any better than this quote from the article, Dewey Larson and The Way of One by Stephen Tyman (presented by Carla Rueckert McCarty of L/L Research):

“Before anything else is said, I feel it is necessary to remark on the truly exceptional situation that has come about, where fully invested physicists have come to the point where a meaningful dialogue has been opened with fully invested mystics. Only seldom in the history of Western thought has this been the case, and since the growth of positivism in the twentieth century, almost never has such a collaboration been even thinkable.”

Also on the new web page, I was delighted to see the article Electrogravitics Research by Russell Kramer. I am convinced that one of the technological spin-offs of the RS theory will be practical levitation devices (which I am convinced were possessed by the Atlantean civilization). Another spin-off I hope will be an ability to more easily tap the energy of the quantum vacuum.

I don’t know if it is just the receptive, open nature of the members of the ISUS, or the fact that Larson wrote Beyond Space and Time before he died, but whichever it is, I am thankful. Many groups, after the death of their founder, become dogmatic in their beliefs and close the boundaries to all that was not handed down from the Master. In almost all cases this would be the last thing the founder of the group would want. In any case, the possession of the most advanced physics available and an openness to pursue the frontiers beyond the legacy of Mr. Larson, even to venture into the mystic tradition, give the ISUS the means to get at the ultimate truth.

The Road Ahead

Do not, however, underestimate the difficulty of the undertaking. Not only are we a challenge to the orthodox physics professionals, but the RS theory disturbs the “consensus reality” of the entire planet. I like to think of the belief system of a discipline or way of thinking as a literal “group field” that binds together the members of the group. A disturbance to this group field is very painful to the members of the group, because my interests were in other places, I didn’t get to the astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology aspects of the RS theory until just recently. Here I discovered, to my delight, but also with horror, that 1) There is no need to hypothesize a “big bang”, 2) There probably are no “black holes”, and 3) The entire stellar evolutionary sequence is BACKWARDS!

If you attack a physical object it is likely to weaken. If you pound on a rock with a hammer, it will eventually start to chip and then disintegrate. If you attack a non-physical object—an idea—you get just the opposite reaction. You will often find that the idea becomes stronger.

Let’s keep this in mind as we “attack” the total consensus reality of this beautiful planet.

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