The principal aim of NEW SCIENCE ADVOCATES (NSA), INC. Is to promote the Reciprocal System of physical theory, originated by D. B. Larson of Portland, Oregon. Attainment of this aim entails not only a discerning investigation of the Reciprocal System but also a perspicacious reexamination and revaluation of the theories of nuclear physics and chemistry, quantum and wave mechanics, relativity physics, classical physics, astrophysics, biological evolution and the psychology of memory, passion and thought, including the parapsychology of the human spirit.

Now the time is near for supporters to meet again in the cause of revaluing all science in the light of the Reciprocal System and currently evaluating the latter itself. A two-day Conference has been called by the NSA Board of Trustees, August 20-21, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Conference is open to NSA members and non-members interested in aiding our cause. It is the first of what we plan to be an annual event. We are meeting to become better personally acquainted and to consider how best to achieve our objective—the endless SEARCH FOR TRUTH in science, etc.

We shall adopt an appropriate set of NSA By-Laws and decide how to BUILD NSA and IMPROVE RECIPROCITY CONTENT and CIRCULATION.

F. H. Meyer, Editor, RECIPROCITY, and R. W. Satz, Secretary, NSA, have taken initiative to organize the August Conference. We stand ready to aid in whatever ways we can those who will be coming from all over the country to find Owre Hall on the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus and also to find over-night accommodations and meals while in Minnesota. Both of the latter probably can be obtained on campus for those who may be interested. Please let us know your preferences.

Part of the activity of an organization like NSA and in future years a major part, should be a program of invited and contributed papers or subjects that touch on current events and issues of the development of the Reciprocal System. An abbreviated program of this kind is proposed for our 1976 Conference. To this end we have Invited Mr. D. B. Larson to present a Progress Report about the current status of the Reciprocal System Friday evening, August 20th in Owre Hall. Mr. R. W. Satz has volunteered to discuss briefly why he entitled his introduction to the Reciprocal System, "The Unmysterious Universe". Prof. F. K. Meyer has volunteered to contributed a paper on "Some Fashions and Current Myths of Science". If other NSA supporters wish to present a contributed paper, no more than 20 minutes. It probably can be included in Conference program, so please let either Satz or Meyer know ASAP.

An oak tree grows out of an acorn. NSA is an acorn. The officers of NSA invite as many NSA well wishers as can do so to participate in the First Annual NSA Conference. The First Annual Conference will be small, but we are growing and should become as strong and long-lived as an oak or even a star.

Owre Hall is located on Washington Avenue and Church Street in the vicinity of the Coffman Memorial Union and the University Hospital. Owre Hall is in the complex of medical school science buildings.

Please note that the tentative date of August 12-14 for the First Annual Conference in last issue of RECIPROCITY has been changed to August 20-21 to accommodate more participants.

The topic around which Mr. Larson will present his progress report to the First Annual Conference is tentatively, THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE IN SPACE AND TIME. This Invited paper is scheduled for Friday evening, August 20, in Owre Auditorium III.

Please communicate with NSA Secretary, R. W. Satz for further Information about finalized program and other details of the August Conference.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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