1983-08-20 8th Annual Meeting of Members, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Saturday, August 20, 1983, in Room 304, Henning Physics Building, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The business meeting of the International Society of Unified Science was called to order at 11:07 by Frank Meyer, president. Nine members were present.

  1. A motion was made and carried to skip the reading of the minutes of the previous convention. The minutes, copies of which all members had, were approved.
  2. Next, treasurer Rainer Huck presented his report. The current net balance of ISUS, as of August 17, 1983, was $886.26. The treasurer's report was approved.
  3. Senior editor of Reciprocity Jan Sammer gave his report. The quantity printed of the last two issues of Reciprocity: 200 and 250. It is hoped that we will soon be back on a quarterly schedule. A brief newsletter might be issued 8 times a year to supplement Reciprocity. The editor's report was approved.
  4. The president then asked for Old Business. The only old business brought up concerned the advertisement for ISUS and the Reciprocal System. Sammer and Meyer gave the circulation and advertising cost for the following journals (originally suggested by Dewey Larson): School Science and Mathematics, Journal of College Science Teaching, The Science Teacher, The Sciences, and Space World. Huck moved and Sims seconded that ISUS contribute $300 for ads in the upcoming year for the magazines listed. North Pacific Publishers would match this amount, so long as Dewey and Jan work out all the details. The motion carried. Then Porter moved and Sims seconded that the Board be empowered to spend up to an additional $500 if the campaign were found to be successful. The motion carried.
  5. Porter moved to have the Board elections precede new business. The motion carried.

    The new nominations to the Board included Halprin, Blackburn, Porter, LoBello, Schumacher, and Elkin. The following were elected: Curtin, Halprin, Blackburn, Porter, and Schumacher. Thus the 1984 Board consists of the following individuals: Sims, Norby, Nehru, Sammer, and Gilroy, all up for re-election next year; Anderson, Huck, Meyer, Satz, and Studtmann, all with one year left at the end of next year; Curtin, Halprin, Blackburn, Porter, and Schumacher, all with two years left at the end of next year.

  6. The president then called for New Business.
    1. Sims proposed and Satz seconded that Larson‘s policy proposals for Reciprocity be adopted. Porter then moved to amend this motion as follows: the editor of Reciprocity shall respond to all submitters within three months with intention to publish or with reasons for rejection. Rejections may be appealed to the Board of ISUS which shall have the final authority to determine what shall be published. To appeal a rejection, the submitter shall send copies of all correspondence and the paper to all members of the Board. The Board shall make a decision by a majority of those responding to the president who shall inform the submitter of the decision within six months' time. The motion, as amended, carried. Satz then moved, and Huck seconded, that the policy for contributions to Reciprocity, expressly items l, 3, 4, and the introduction, be printed on the inside back cover of Reciprocity. Porter and Schumacher amended this motion to allow the editor to place the policy statement anywhere in the journal. The motion, as amended, carried.
    2. Huck moved and Porter seconded that Sammer become the new editor-in-chief of Reciprocity, with Meyer as senior editor and Nehru as associate editor. The Board approved this new arrangement.
    3. The next item of business was the discussion of how to respond to member Halprin‘s letter, sent to a number of Board members. It was decided that one or two of Halprin‘s last papers would be edited for inclusion in Reciprocity. The secretary of ISUS was chosen to draft a letter of response to Halprin, which would also be sent to all Board members.
    4. Sims moved and Satz seconded that we have four levels of membership: regular, $15/year; contributing, $50/year; supporting, $150/year; and sustaining, $300/year. The motion carried. Huck moved and LoBello seconded that contributing, supporting, and sustaining members be publicized (for instance, in Reciprocity or ISUS News). The motion carried.
    5. Next, Schumacher discussed some new ideas for promoting the Reciprocal System: writing a novel with the Reciprocal System as the accepted theoretical system, finding unusual book publishers or distributors (such as Loompanics Unlimited); sending papers to unconventional journals (such as The Connection).
    6. Porter moved and Sims seconded that the Board set up an education committee to offer a course on the Reciprocal System. The first instructor would be Satz. The motion carried. Then Satz proposed that the education course immediately precede the Annual Convention. The motion carried.
      1. The president then asked for nominations for the location of next year‘s convention. The following were named: Salt Lake City, Eugene, Louisville, and Vancouver. After discussion, the members chose Salt Lake City. Huck will be host. The date will be in mid-August and start with the “school.”
      2. Elections for officers were held. All present officers were re-elected by acclamation: Meyer for president, Blackburn for vice-president, Satz for secretary, and Huck for treasurer.
      3. Satz moved and Huck seconded to have ISUS officially thank our hosts, Robin and Vivian Sims, for their splendid job in sponsoring the conference. The motion carried by acclamation.
      4. The meeting was adjourned at 4:56.

Ronald W. Satz:
Secretary, ISUS

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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