1995-12-11 20th Annual Meeting of Members, Denver, Colorado, USA

MINUTES of the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Members of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY of UNIFIED SCIENCE

President Ronald W. Satz formally opened the meeting 9 A.M. August 11, 1995.


  • Ron Blackburn
  • Larry Denslow
  • Frank Meyer
  • Phil Porter
  • Ron Satz
  • Hoyt Sterns


Secretary’s READING of the MINUTES of last year’s meeting in Scottsdale, AZ., at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel on July 9, 1994. Moved, seconded, and approved as amended below to show terms of Trustees: Blackburn, Halprin, Kirk, Navarro, and Schmidt term ending in’95. Meyer, Nehru, Porter, Sammer, and Simms term ending in ’96. Denslow, Huck, Mitchell, Satz, and Sterns term ending in ’97.


Read by Ron Blackburn: not quantifiable at this time, but approximately $4000 balance. Official report should be sent by Executive Director to all Board members in lieu of report read at th i s meeting. Payments to Dorothy Larson requires official action; Meyer moved and Sterns seconded that contractual obligation be kept regarding dollar amount to be sent to Dorothy Larson for book sales, etc.. R. Huck to be notified regarding these decisions. [Motion made later regarding this and other matters] Frank Meyer brought to our attention that Dorothy Larson needs a list of membership by which to contact various members. Moved and seconded, approved as requested.


By Frank Meyer: Report for 1994: due to changes that we have made it has become possible to have further economies in paying for copying and circulation of Reciprocity. In 1994 two issues of Reciprocity and two issues of ISUS News were sent out, cost came to between 800 and 1000 dollars, but included in that are all additional expenses incurred with these publications. Costs during '95 are under $500. Membership is about 120. 30 copies presently going to R. Huck, 50 copies presently mailed back to Editor for information fillers. P.O. requires a minimum of 200 copies for bulk rate mailing. Motion by P. Porter that two copies of each mailing be sent to each director, amended to not exhaust supply while sending larger balance of each printing to Executive Director, current copy of Reciprocity (but not ISUS News) to be included with all book orders as long as they are available. Seconded; discussion; motion carried unanimously. Motion by P. Porter that all mailings of Reciprocity and ISUS News be the same to members and non-members due to the small number of non-member subscribers on the mailing list at this time. Seconded by F. Meyer, amended by R. Satz to include the stipulation that discussions of topics not relevant to ISUS not be included in the ISUS News publication, also seconded by F. Meyer. Motion carried unanimously.

Voting members present: Ron Blackburn, Larry Denslow, Frank Meyer, Phil Porter, Ron Satz and Hoyt Sterns

Direct proxies being voted:

Rainer Huck assigned to Ron Blackburn,
Robin Simms assigned to Ron Blackburn,
James Schmidt assigned to Ron Blackburn,
William Mitchell assigned to Meyer.
Proxie assigned but not required for quorum and not used in vote:
Ed Navarro assigned to Rainer Huck.

Board Members and terms of office listed in amendment of previous meeting minutes. Blackburn, Halprin, Kirk, Navarro, and Schmidt have term ending with this meeting. James Schmidt requested to not be reconsidered for Board membership. Porter re-nominated Blackburn, Halprin, Kirk, and Navarro to serve on the Board for another term. Approved unanimously. By-Laws indicate a maximum number of Board members, but does not require a minimum number. Motion made by Porter to leave Schmidt’s position on the Board unfilled at this time, position to carry the balance of the a term when filled. Seconded by Sterns, motion carried unanimously.


L. Denslow re-nominated for Secretary, seconded, and unanimous ballot cast. Duties of the Secretary include recording and preserving the minutes of the annual meeting of the membership, meetings of the Board of Trustees, and meetings of the Executive Council, and report all minutes as requested by the presiding officer at such meetings; to conduct normal business membership correspondence as related to the preservation and growth of the organization; to conduct special correspondence as requested by the Board of Trustees; to maintain accurate listing of members by classification; and serve as a voting member of the Board of Trustees.

Rainer Huck re-nominated for Treasurer/ Executive Director, motion for casting of unanimous ballot carried.

Nominations for Vice President made and seconded. Discussion of candidate qualifications and other concerns followed by trial vote resulted in tie vote and postponement of V.P. vote until after vote for office of President.

Nominations for President made, seconded, discussed, and voted. Unanimous ballot cast for Hoyt Stearns as President with Ron Satz as Vice President. Frank Meyer accepted position as Editor of Reciprocity for the year ’95 -’96.

After appropriate discussion, the position of Executive Researcher was created. Motion by Blackburn seconded by Meyer to create the position of Executive Researcher to act as chairman of review committee for papers and have other duties as assigned by the President and the Board of Trustees.
Motion made by Porter, second by Meyer, that membership of Reciprocity Review committee be President, Vice President/Executive Researcher, and K.V.K. Nehru. Accepted as recommended for committee membership without vote.

Motion made by Porter, second by Stearns, for the Editorial staff of Reciprocity to include R. Blackburn as Associate Editor. Editor of Reciprocity is to be responsible for investigating faster and more reliable means of communicating with membership. Committee membership accepted without vote.


Discussion of matters related to electronic transmission of current and past publications by Editor to other board members. Most previously published information is on disk, requested that they also be included as part of the Mot i on made by H. Stearns to request that D. Meyer, Associate Editor, transmit by E-mail Reciprocity files to H. Sterns for possible uploading to internet. Seconded by Blackburn. After discussion motion carried unanimously.

Discussion regarding request that he obtain quotes for scanning and conversion software introduced by Blackburn: all quotes prohibitively expensive. Presently available software is not always reliable for MAC/MS-DOS. Can files be uploaded as internet hypertext markup language document? Motion that R. Blackburn continue to work in this area of electronic transmission of RS information and MAC/MS-DOS conversion systems made, seconded; carried unanimously. Discussion of listings of and what publications are available. Newly printed copies of Basic Properties of Matter are available with plastic binding. Motion made by R. Blackburn that R. Huck include in his report to Dorothy Larson a statement concerning the status of the books, that they are being kept i n proper condition for sale, etc., seconded by H. Sterns. Motion carried unanimously.


Discussion regarding Post Script file transmission of information leading to motion by Sterns that ISUS look into creating and placing RS information on the internet in hypertext markup language. Seconded by F. Meyer. Hoyt Sterns then accepted responsibility to so do. Amendment by P. Porter, accepted as friendly, to investigate costs, etc., rather than just do it; reporting results to appropriate board members. Motion authorizes Hoyt Sterns to investigate formation of document and determination of the cost of actually putting it into this format and submit the details to the Secretary for dissemination and vote by mail ballot procedure.

Motion by Ron Blackburn to request that the treasurer obtain an E-mail address whereby direct contact can be more immediate and investigate the feasibility of Web-site, possibly through the University of Utah. Seconded by F. Meyer. Discussion concerning types of connections. Discussion of methods of obtaining new members and/or disseminating information about the Reciprocal System of theory. International Association of New Science suggested as possible avenue for exposure. Motion to investigate possibility of obtaining a table at the IANS conference as well as delivering a paper. Seconded by Meyer. Motion carried unanimously.

(condensed due to attendance and time constraints)

Proxies assigned to various members present and to others who assigned their proxies to one of those present. Indirect assignment was accepted for purposes of obtaining quorum but not for number of votes cast by member actually present. Quorum was obtained by direct assignment of proxy for this meeting of the Board of Trustees without use of indirect assignment of proxy.

Motion by Porter that a member of the Reciprocity Review committee (President, V.P., or Editor) respond in a timely manner to all submissions, advising of acceptance/rejection and statement of comments and rights of review by the review committee. Seconded by Meyer, carried unanimously. Motion that Rainer Huck to be notified by formal letter from Secretary to review status of Schmidt’s order for back issues of Reciprocity and carry out appropriate action; as well as, other actions the Board requests he take. Seconded, carried unanimously.

Discussion of where to hold the annual meeting in ’96. Possibilities ranged from Florida to somewhere in the west. Moved and seconded that President Stearns explore the possibilities of having the ’96 convention in Las Vegas, NV. setting appropriate meeting time and place. Carried unanimously.
Motion to adjourn at 1:30 P.M. 8/11/95.


Officers for ’95 - ’ 96.
Hoyt Sterns - President
Ron Satz - Vice President/Executive Researcher
Rainer Huck - Treasurer/Executive Director
Lawrence Denslow - Secretary
Frank Meyer - Editor

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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