1997-08-02 22nd Annual Meeting of Members, Anchorage, Kentucky, USA

MINUTES of the Twenty Second Annual Meeting
of the Members of the

President Hoyt A. Steams formally opened the meeting 8:30 A.M. August 2, 1997, in the conference room of the home of J. A. McCarty and C. Rueckert, 1504 Hobbs Park Road, Anchorage, Kentucky, USA.

Members Present

  • Larry Denslow
  • Laura Jean Fremauw
  • Russell Kramer
  • James McCarty
  • Frank H. Meyer
  • Frank V Meyer
  • Bruce Peret
  • Carla Rueckert
  • Robert Staehling
  • Hoyt Stearns
  • Tobey Wheelock


Motion by Frank Meyer to dispense with the reading of the minutes of last year’s meeting due to prior publication of the minutes, second by L. J. Fremauw, passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Total, as of July 30, 1997, $5,422.10. Liability for royalties on D.B.L. books to Mrs. Larson due in December, estimate undetermined. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as given; seconded; passed unanimously.

Editor’s Report

Total expenditures for the year $930. Reciprocity account balance of $540 is insufficient to publish more than one more issue due to increases in reproduction costs. 168 copies of “Beyond Space and Time” purchased by Frank Meyer to be disbursed by Rainer Huck as an ISUS available book. Frank is to be reimbursed for this expenditure. As of June 1997 Frank Meyer completed his term as the editor of Reciprocity, the life blood of ISUS. Bruce Peret was elected to the post of Editor of Reciprocity later in this meeting.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes approved as published. Polling of members of the Board as requested obtained approval for Anchorage, KY. Business Cards vs. Membership Cards discussion resolved, new membership cards to be available ASAP. Dewey B. Larson’s tape “The Structure of Scientific Revolution,” from the University of Wisconsin lecture is available for $8.00.

President’s Report

Political intrigue persists regarding status of a certain member who has resigned. Other material discussed that had little to do with ISUS.


Board Members and Officers

Members serving present term of office ending 1997; Larry Denslow, Rainer Huck, William Mitchell, and Hoyt Steams; all re-elected to term ending 2000. Jennifer Hafer nominated to and elected unanimously to Board of Directors of ISUS, term to end 2000. Ron Blackburn, Dave Halprin, Tom Kirk, Ed Navarro, Bruce Peret are presently serving term ending 1998. Frank Meyer, K.V.K. Nehru, Phillip Porter, Jan Sammer, and Robin Sims have term ending 1999.

General meeting declared ended to proceed directly into Board of Directors meeting.

Hoyt Stems nominated to continue as President, seconded, elected unanimously. Frank Meyer nominated for Vice-Presidency, seconded, elected unanimously. Jennifer Hafer nominated for the position of Treasurer, seconded, elected unanimously. Larry Denslow nominated to continue as Secretary, seconded, elected unanimously. Rainer Huck nominated to continue as Executive Secretary, seconded, elected unanimously.

Bruce Peret nominated to the position of Editor of Reciprocity, seconded, elected unanimously. K.V.K. Nehru nominated to continue as an Associate Editor, seconded, elected unanimously. Frank Meyer nominated to the position of Assistant Editor, seconded, elected unanimously. Russell Kramer and Tobey Wheelock nominated to positions as an Associate Editors, seconded, elected unanimously.

Business of the Society

Discussion of issues dealing with the journal, Reciprocity. The format of the journal and its contents were discussed and it was decided that the new format be accepted, as proposed by the editorial staff.

The question of granting life memberships to K.V.K. Nehru, Jan Sammer, and Bruce Peret was discussed and approved unanimously.

Membership rate structure was briefly discussed followed by unanimous approval for increasing membership dues to $35 for outside North American continent to assist in covering increased production costs as well as additional mailing costs.

Remastering of back issues of Reciprocity has been completed and is now available thru normal ISUS publication channels. In addition to life membership for some of those involved, normal overseas membership is extended by two years for David Halprin.

Discussion of price structure of books and tapes; results to appear as the prices in the new price list of available supplies and publications.

The position of “Executive Researcher” was dropped since the person holding that position has resigned from membership in ISUS.

Agreement that “The Structure of the Physical Universe,” the original 1959 publication of the Reciprocal System of theory, be made available by listing with the other materials available thru ISUS. Revision and/or corrections committee to be chaired by L.E. Denslow. No publication date established for revision.

Discussion of internet web site donated by lifetime member Mike Wells. Approval to put books, articles, and previously published ISUS materials on line at this site: www.randomc.com/~rs [now www.rstheory.org]

By-Laws revision committee established to be chaired by L.E. Denslow. Russell Kramer, Laura Jean Fremauw and other volunteers to assist as needed.

Discussion of and unanimous approval of a 10% discount on catalog materials to be granted to all current members.

Review and error correction committee for “Basic Properties of Matter” to prepare corrigenda prior to reprinting. All readers are requested to send appropriate corrections to the Secretary and/or Editor.

Preparation of all inclusive index for Reciprocity is in preparation. Missing author information is particularly important.

Discussion of how to finance K.V.K. Nehru’s lecture tour. No resolution.

Discussion of when to have the annual meeting; i.e., should the meeting of members be annual or biennial? Motion for location of meeting to be in Florida. Motion for specific location followed by extensive discussion; no resolution. Motion for 1998 meeting to be in Florida passed unanimously; during the period between mid-October to mid-November preferably over a weekend. Other subsidiary motions died for lack of seconds.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

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