2005-11-04 27th Annual Meeting of Members, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Minutes of the 27th Annual ISUS Membership Meeting
November 4, 2005
ISUS headquarters
1680 Atkin Ave, Salt Lake City, USA.

Members Present in SLC

  • Doug Bundy
  • Phil Porter
  • David Faust
  • Robin Sims
  • Rainer Huck.

Phil called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and connected the conference to the internet web cast software. Robin Sims was appointed Acting Secretary.

Doug introduced members present to persons connected via the web. Web attendees were:

  • Bill Mitchell
  • Tom Forsberg
  • Jim Pautler
  • Ron Satz

The first order of business was elections to open positions on the Board of Trustees. Phil reviewed the five Trustees whose terms run for one more year, until 2006:

  • KVK Nehru
  • Phil Porter
  • Dan McCann
  • Robin Sims
  • Mike Wells

Phil proposed that the five Trustees whose terms expired in 2004 and who have continued to serve because no Trustee election was held in 2004 be elected for two year terms to expire in 2007:

  • Doug Bundy
  • George Hamner
  • Rainer Huck
  • William Mitchell
  • Hoyt Stearns Jr

Phil recommended David Faust as a replacement for Edwin Navarro who resigned as a trustee 6/10/05. Thus Phil proposed the five Trustees for three year terms to expire in 2008:

  • Ronald Blackburn
  • David Halprin
  • David Faust
  • Bruce Peret
  • Ronald Satz

The floor was opened for additional nominations. There were none.

It was regularly moved and seconded (RMS) by Rainer and Doug that the two year slate be elected as proposed. No discussion. Passed unanimously.

RMS by Rainer and Doug that the three year slate be elected as proposed. Passed unanimously.

Doug took over the meeting and announced the schedules for the meetings tomorrow.

David Faust talked about his background and work history.

Doug said he has scanned and posted to the ISUS web site the expanded text of S.P.U. 288 pages.

Jim Pautler spoke via the web about his interest in RS theory.

Rainer talked about his long association with Larson's theory.

Robin spoke about how he discovered Larson in 1968 and has continued his interest.

Phil talked about his history with ISUS.

Doug gave the group his story about his interest in RS theory.

Bill Mitchell asked a question about a neutron star and was answered by Ron.

Doug adjourned the Membership Meeting at 8:55 pm 04 November 2005.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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