2009-01-10 30th Annual Meeting of Members, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Minutes of the 30th Annual ISUS Membership Meeting
January 10, 2009

Delatour Room of the Fort Collins Main Public Library
201 Peterson St., Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Present at the Annual Meeting:

  • Phillip Porter, President, Lifetime member
  • Bruce Peret, Secretary, Lifetime member
  • Rainer Huck, Treasurer, Lifetime member, Webconference
  • Douglas Bundy, Regular member, Webconference
  • Michael Wells, Lifetime member, Webconference
  • Dee Sowell, Guest

Note: All times listed are in US/Mountain time zone.

16:15: President Porter called the annual meeting to order. The meeting was broadcast over the Internet via the DimDim Webconference software. Mr. Porter, Mr. Peret and Mrs. Sowell were physically present at the meeting place. All others attended via the Webconference room.

16:17 Status report given by ISUS Secretary, Bruce Peret:

Treasury balance: US$ 5661.39 (Paypal: 314.97, Internet checking: 326.81, Regular checking: 4994.16, Amazon: 25.45)

In the last year (367 days since Mr. Peret took over shipping), 147 books have been sold. 19 were lost in transit, usually to overseas destinations. These were replaced free of charge. Customer satisfaction: 100%. The bulk of the book orders are from postal/email (only 36 Amazon orders). The most popular book is Beyond Space and Time, followed closely by New Light on Space and Time.

Only 6 copies remain of New Light on Space and Time, which will need to be typeset and reprinted this winter. 2 copies of The Structure of the Physical Universe remain.

The RS website was completely redesigned, using the Drupal CMS (Content Management System). I have made 6504 pages of material on Larson and the Reciprocal System available on the web, including audio and video lectures.

Nine new books were created for sale over the year, the 5-volume Periodicals Collection, containing all issues of Reciprocity and ISUS News, the Road to Permanent Prosperity, Fundamentals of Scalar Motion, Monograph on the Liquid State, and the Extended Version of the Structure of the Physical Universe Notes.

The Structure of the Physical Universe and Quasars and Pulsars was put back in print, courtesy of Rainer Huck giving permission to have his personal books copied.

Answered 83 inquiries on the Reciprocal System, most resulting in books sales.

While staying at Rainer Huck's house last winter, I gave 5 lectures on the RS, 3 of which are available as a 12-hour video presentation on the RS website. Also made approximately 950 pages of new research available on RS based on the RS2 premises.

Completed sorting through Frank H. Meyer's materials, sent to us by Brad Knight, and started work on filing the relevant materials.

Got ahold of the Citrus & Chemical Bank and obtained the bank statements for ISUS during the period that Jennifer Hafer was Secretary, to complete the banking records.

Scanned in all the books to PDF format so they can be reprinted directly from a CD when needed. This greatly reduces the chance of error from printing from paper (missing sheets that jam, pages in upside-down... been a lot of problems).

16:32 Call for nominations was made.

The following motion was received by the Secretary via email on January 9, 2009:

For Trustee nominations at the upcoming 2008 ISUS Annual Meeting, I nominate Bruce Peret for another three-year term to succeed himself and I nominate Gopi Krishna [V.] as the successor to Ronald Satz, whose term expired in 2008.

Phillip Porter

Floor was open for discussion and other nominations. No other nominations received. Vote called of those physically present members in good standing at the meeting, in accord with Bylaws §4.3.

Phillip Porter: Aye
Bruce Peret: Aye

Passed unanimously. Bruce Peret and Gopi Krishna V. are elected to the ISUS Board of Trustees for the 3-year term ending in 2011.

[Secretary's note: Trustees David Halprin and David Faust, also expiring in 2008, could not be elected to another term as their memberships have expired (Bylaws §5.2 makes them ineligible) but are continuing to serve as Trustees "until his successor shall be chosen", per Bylaws §5.3.]

16:34 Meeting closed by President Phillip Porter. Remaining time opened to general discussion.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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