1979-07-21 4th Annual Business Meeting, Superior, Wisconsin, USA

Minutes of the Business Meeting of the Fourth Annual Convention of the New Science Advocates

Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21, 1979,
at the University of Wisconsin at Superior

The business meeting of the New Science Advocates was called to order at 9:20 a.m. by Frank Anderson, president. Fifteen members were present.

  1. The minutes of the Third Annual Convention of the New Science Advocates, held at the University of Utah, were read and approved. The secretary also mentioned that a notebook had been established for all important documents, such as bylaws, minutes, list of board members, registration form for local chapters, address list, and issues of Reciprocity.
  2. The treasurer’s report was then presented by Rainer Huck. NSA has a net worth of 5177.24 plus the assets in 1000 copies of the paperback edition of New Light on Space and Time. The treasurer’s report was accepted. (The motion by member Porter to applaud the individuals who lent NSA $850 was, of course, carried.)
  3. Next Frank Meyer presented the editor’s report.
    1. An audit card was sent out to 500 readers of Reciprocity; the result: 127 cards were returned.
    2. 1400 copies of the first issue of 1979 and 1000 of the second issue were sent out.
    3. The cost for 500 copies is $100 and the cost for a 1000 copies is $200.
    4. There are now 150 paying subscribers.
    5. Frank took into consideration the recommendations by members David Halprin and Florence Castner:
      1. set up a new filing system
      2. do own collating .
      3. check different postal rates
      4. have separate first class mailing rates for those who want it
      5. obtain the rosters of various organization such as the Minnesota Association of Physics Teachers, the Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers, the Philosophy of Science Association, the American Physical Society, etc.
  4. The president then asked if there were any Old Business.
    1. Member Frank Meyer explained the choice of time and place for the meeting. The Board of Trustees had voted to come to the University of Wisconsin and Dean Feldman had agreed to an honorarium for Mr. Larson. Also, as Mr. Larson pointed out, this was to be a final “blowout” for Frank, who is a professor here (and about to retire).
    2. Mr. Larson stated that North Pacific Publishers has its own organizational brochure, which can be made available for use in correspondence.
    3. Member Steve Berline moved that Reciprocity be independently audited if the cost is less than or equal to $25. The motion carried.
    4. Member Arnold Studtmann suggested the use of gift subscriptions sponsored by NSA members. But after discussion, no motion was made.
  5. The president then asked for New Business.
    1. Member Frank Meyer stated that he had available Mr. Larson’s talk (the night before) on cassette tapes. Nearly all members present purchased a cassette.
    2. Member Florence Castner moved that NSA set up a committee to examine and improve the operation of NSA. The initial report of the committee was to be made the following day. After considerable discussion, the motion was seconded and carried. The members of the committee were chosen to be Castner, Satz, Huck, and Studtmann.
    3. Mr. Larson stated that 2500 copies of his new book Nothing But Motion had been printed. The 430 orders by members in NSA were to be sent out August 3rd.
    4. Member Rainer Huck moved that the price of mailed out copies of New Light on Space and Time be raised to $4.50. Member Florence Castner moved to amend the motion to raise the price to $5.00. The amendment was seconded and carried, and then the motion carried. Of course, alt old orders were to be honored at the previous price.
    5. Member Phil Porter moved that a directory of members be published. But the motion was tabled to the next day’s meeting.
  6. The meeting was adjourned at 11:36.

    The business meeting of the New Science Advocates resumed at 1:45 p.m., Saturday.
  7. The annual elections were held. Members Frank Anderson, Ronald Satz, and Rainer Huck were re-elected. Members Todd Kelso and Arnold Studtmann were nominated for vice-president and Studtmann was elected.
  8. Next it was necessary to bring the board membership into compliance with the By-Laws. Based on motions by members Todd Kelso and Florence Castner. 5 individuals were elected for 1 year terms, 5 for 2 year terms, and 5 for 3 year terms. Members Anderson, Huck, Satz, and Studtmann were elected to three year terms; members Brown, Mitchell, Long, Windolph, and Wuenscher were elected to two year terms; and Kelso, Norris, de Lespinasse, Blackburn, and Berline to one year terms.
  9. Recommendations were taken for the location of next year’s meeting. Hawaii was voted down, but Los Angeles was accepted.
  10. Member Florence Castner moved that the form and procedure developed by the secretary for local chapter registration be accepted but that the Board members ratify it (not just the secretary). The motion was seconded and carried. it.
  11. Finally, the organization committee reported its set of recommendations to the Board.
    1. There should be different categories of membership, based on monetary contribution.
    2. A general organization brochure should be designed and printed. This would include a short description of the Reciprocal System, the organization goals, list of publications, list of prominent members, a logo, etc.
    3. A speakers bureau should be set up. A directory of members and associates should be set up by area. Only those individuals who sanctioned it would be listed.
    4. Private and possibly NSF grants would be sought.
    5. Use of various media is recommended for publicizing the Reciprocal System and the New Science Advocates. The Board is to take ail of these recommendations under advisement.
  12. The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 p.m.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

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