1985-12-02 10th Annual Meeting of Members, Portland, Oregon, USA


Saturday, August 2, 1985, at the Jade Tree Hotel, Portland , Oregon. The business meeting of the International Society of Unified Science was called to order at 9:45 by Frank Meyer, president. Four members were present (Frank Meyer, Rainer Huck , Ronald Satz, Robin Sims); one additional member, Jan Sammer, was in contact by phone, so that the quorum of 5 was met.

  1. The secretary read the minutes of the business meeting of the ninth annual convention, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were approved.
  2. Next, treasurer Rainer Huck presented his report. The current net balance, as of the convention date, was $400.00. The treasurer’s report was approved.
  3. The president then asked for Old Business.
    1. Reciprocity Journal
      The following was agreed upon:
      • There will be a statement of policy in each issue.
      • There will be a list of books available from ISUS in each issue, on the advertisement page.
      • A set of double issues of Reciprocity will be published, so as to catch up to schedule. Frank Meyer will continue with Vol. 14, but use the current date and provide an editorial explanation for the delay in publishing.
      • The most up-to-date mailing list, from members Jan Sammer and Rainer Huck, will be used for mailing the journal. Member Huck agreed to be in charge of the master mailing list.
      • The serialization in Reciprocity of Volume II of Larson’s revised The Structure of the Physical Universe will continue.
      • Members Frank Meyer, Jan Sammer, and Robin Sims have agreed to generate an up-to-date set of mailing labels.
      • The forthcoming schedule for Reciprocity is as follows:
        September 15, 1985
        November 1, 1985
        December 30, 1985
      • A dues notice will be put in the next issue; member Huck suggested putting in a substantial appeal. Member Sims suggested using our present contribution system (regular), contributing, supporting, sustaining .
      • If necessary, president Frank Meyer will put up his own money to keep Reciprocity being published.
      • Member Satz moved, and member Huck seconded, to move the mailing permit to Utah at the beginning of next year, if we obtain 100 paying members or subscribers. The motion carried.
      • Member Satz moved, and member Huck seconded, to allow each officer of ISUS to receive multiple copies of Reciprocity (3 to 5 or more, if necessary for promotion of the Reciprocal System). The motion carried.
      • Member Huck agreed to rewrite the advertising page of Reciprocity to bring it up-to-date. Member Sims moved, and member Huck seconded, to raise the price of Studtmann’s book to $35. The motion carried.
      • Editor Meyer agreed to put out a special issue of Reciprocity on scalar motion. Member Satz agreed to work with Dewey Larson to produce the articles.
    2. ISUS News
      The next issue of ISUS News will cover this convention. The one following will present the plans for the 1986 convention.
    3. Advertising
      North Pacific Publishers reported that our joint magazine ads did not succeed. It was agreed to go back to direct mail. The next brochure to be sent is entitled “After 3000 years”.
  4. The president then called for new business.
    1. Member Sims moved, and member Huck seconded, to have the 1986 convention at Columbia University, under the guidance of members Sammer and Satz. The proposed time would be August 15? August 17, subject to availability of facility at Columbia. The motion carried.
    2. Member Huck moved, and member Satz seconded, that the keynote address of the 1986 convention be given by member Roy Curtin. The motion carried.
    3. The basic schedule for the convention will be as follows:
      1. Friday morning—papers
      2. Friday afternoon—papers
      3. Friday evening—keynote address
      4. Saturday morning—any remaining papers; first business session
      5. Saturday afternoon—second business session
      6. Saturday evening—party
    4. The course on the Reciprocal System will be given by member Satz, for the four days preceding the 1986 conference. The price will be $60. It was agreed to advertise the course at the surrounding local colleges and in ISUS News. A forthcoming issue of ISUS News will contain the course outline.
  5. The president then called for elections.
    1. Board Members
      Member Huck moved, and member Satz seconded, that the 5 board members with expiring terms be reelected, along with former board member, Richard Long. The motion carried. So, the 1985? 1986 board consists of the following individuals: Anderson, Huck, Meyer, Satz, Studtmann, and Long (with 2 years to go at end of next year); Sims, Nehru, Sammer, and Gilroy (with 1 year to go); and Curtin, Halprin, Blackburn, Porter, and Schumacher (up for reelection next year).
    2. Officers
      Member Huck moved, and Satz seconded, to reelect the present officers. The motion carried.
  6. The president then asked for other business.
    1. Recruitment
      • Member Huck moved to have ISUS present an award to the first developer of a calculus of scalar motion and for the first individual to mathematize the postulates of the Reciprocal System. The motion was tabled, so as to allow member Huck to present a more formal proposal to the board.
      • Member Sims volunteered to create a Canadian organization to study the Reciprocal System. The group will seek chapter status with ISUS.
      • Member Sims also agreed to put the ISUS mailing list on a computer data base system.
      • All members present agreed to promote gift subscriptions to Reciprocity, as a recruitment tool.
      • Member Sammer agreed to post flyers on New York City campuses to attract interest in the 1986 convention.
    2. Editorship
      Member Sims moved, and member Huck seconded, that member Frank Meyer be formally appointed Editor of Reciprocity and member Jan Sammer appointed Senior Editor. The motion carried.
  7. Member Sims moved, and member Huck seconded, to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45.

Ronald W. Satz
Secretary, ISUS

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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