1988-08-13 Minutes of the Business Meeting of the 13th Annual Convention of the International Society of Unified Science


Saturday, August 13, 1988 at room 317 of the Jade Tree Motel, Portland, Oregon. The business meeting of the International Society of Unified Science was called to order at 2:14 pm by Frank Meyer, president. Nine members were present: Frank Meyer, Rainer Huck, Ronald Satz, Ron Blackburn, Robin Sims, Phil Porter, Larry Denslow, Hoyt Stearns, and Dave Chance .

  1. A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of last year's meeting and approve them as printed in Reciprocity. The motion carried .
  2. Treasurer Rainer Huck then read his report (which was prepared with the help of Robin Sims). As of August, 1987 the balance was $4111.83. The income for 1988 was $2144.29 and the expenses were $2248.66. So the balance as of August, 1988 is $4007.46. ISUS is in excellent financial condition. The treasurer's report was approved.
  3. The president then asked for Old Business. The following topics were discussed.
    1. mailing list: member Ed Navarro now has responsibility for both the membership and subscription lists. He has printed out a state-by-state listing of members and subscribers and has also printed out sets of mailing labels.
    2. advertising: no ISUS/North Pacific Publishers advertising was done this past year.
    3. gift subscriptions: member Porter moved and member Huck seconded that the staff of Reciprocity decide who gets free issues. The motion carried.
    4. editor's report: Frank Meyer is now the managing editor of Reciprocity. Members Nehru, Porter, and Sammer are associate editors. Two issues were published last year; 1 issue has been published this year, with more to come. The printing cost is 2 1/2 #/page, and the postage amount is 8 1/2 t per copy mailed. The publishing of ISUS News is scheduled to be resumed. Currently 250 copies of Reciprocity are mailed out per issue, and Meyer's goal is eventually to mail out 500 copies. The editor's report was approved.
  4. The president then called for New Business. The following topics were discussed.
    1. back issue ordering: member Sims moved (with amendments by member Porter) and member Blackburn seconded, to make available back issues of Reciprocity, at the rate of $4 for one issue, $3 for two to five issues, and $2 for six or more. The price for the whole set is to be determined at the rate of $2/issue. Member Huck is to handle this service. A caveat is to be added to orders, stating that not all papers published are to be considered "canonical"; i.e., many of the papers are "work-in-progress" only. An order form with index is to be put in Reciprocity annually. The motion carried.
    2. cosmic proton mass: At the urging of Dennis Cravens, an outside DOD observer, member Blackburn moved and member Porter seconded that Larson and Satz calculate the theoretical mass of the cosmic proton (and publish the result in Reciprocity). If possible this is to be done before the upcoming experiment to measure its mass. Member Sims and Larson himself, who was sitting in at the meeting, urged extreme caution. Nonetheless the motion carried.
    3. Boston University meeting: President Meyer then discussed Prof. Ed Anderson's forthcoming invitation to ISUS to send a representative to Boston University for a meeting with the physics faculty. Meyer read letters from members Nehru and Halprin on this subject, and member Chance made some additional remarks. Larson stated that for himself one session would be sufficient to provide an introduction to the theory and, in any event, we have to "take what we can get." In the long run a "court of inquiry" would be best. Member Porter moved and member Huck seconded that Larson be the representative and Satz be the alternate for this very important meeting. The motion carried.
    4. promotion of Reciprocal System: President Meyer stated that ultimately we would like to have our own school to teach the Reciprocal System. Member Satz stated that another long term goal would be to produce a two hour animated film which would graphically show how the system operates. Member Huck moved and member Sims seconded that member Denslow make a video tape of his basic teaching of the Reciprocal System; ISUS would fund the rental of the equipment. The motion carried. President Meyer agreed to rewrite one of the current ISUS brochures, and member Satz agreed to study the feasibility of writing and mailing a 3 or 4 page press release to the hundreds of science and engineering magazines here and abroad. Member Stearns suggested that we seek foundation grants. Member Denslow suggested that we think about developing a logo for ISUS.
    5. reprint: Member Huck moved and member Sims seconded that ISUS undertake to reprint Larson's Case Against the Nuclear Atom, subject to a $1000 cap on expenses (for approximately 500 books). (North Pacific agreed to give permission for this project). The motion carried.
    6. liquid state papers: Member Satz asked if the liquid state papers are ready to be published. Larson responded that they will indeed be ready soon, but not this coming year.
    7. conference video taping: Member Chance video taped most of this conference and suggested that the highlights be made available for sale. Member Porter moved and member Huck seconded that Chance proceed as he wishes and split the profits with ISUS. The motion carried.
    8. rebinding: The bookbinding of Basic Properties of Matter has turned out to be unsatisfactory. It was agreed to rebind those volumes not yet sold and any that are sent back. (But no announcement will be made).
  5. Next the elections were held.
    1. Board Elections: Members Anderson, Huck, Long, Meyer, Satz, and Studtmann were up for reelection (and there was one additional opening). The following were nominated: Anderson, Meyer, Huck, Satz, Stearns, Denslow, and Mitchell (William). The nominations were closed and a vote was taken for election by acclamation. It carried unanimously. So, the 1988-1989 Board consists of the following individuals: Anderson, Meyer, Huck, Satz, Stearns, Denslow, and Mitchell (with two years to go at the end of next year); Nehru, Porter, Sammer, and Sims (with one year to go at the end of next year); and Blackburn, Curtin, Halprin, and Navarro (up for reelection next year).
    2. Elections of Officers: The offices of president, secretary, and treasurer were uncontested; Meyer, Satz, and Huck retained their offices unanimously. For vice president, members Halprin and Blackburn were nominated, and Blackburn won in a close vote.
  6. Next Year's Convention: Only one nomination got seconded--Portland, Oregon, the home of Dewey Larson. The convention will probably be held August 11th and 12th, at a nearby college with suitable facilities (dormitory rooms, cafeteria, blackboards, and overhead transparency projectors). Member Porter agreed to be in charge of making arrangements.
  7. Acclamations: The membership unanimously acclaimed the Larsons' for graciously inviting us over for two evenings, Dewey for finishing Basic Properties of Matter, members Sammer and Porter for their fine work in producing the book, member Chance for video taping the conference, and the Jade Tree Motel and Multnomah Library for the free meeting rooms.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:03 pm.

Ronald W. Satz Secretary, ISUS

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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