1989-08-12 14th Annual Business Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA

Minutes of the BUSINESS MEETING, at Portland, Oregon, August 12, 1989

President F. Meyer called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.

F. Meyer called for proxies.

  • R. Huck has proxy for R. Satz
  • F. Meyer has proxy for R. Blackburn, W. Mitchell & Frank Anderson.

Thus 11 members of the board are represented and a quorum is established.

Regularly moved by P. Porter and seconded by F. Meyer, that R. Sims be temporary secretary for today. The motion carried.

F. Meyer read the minutes of the last meeting.

The people present were:

Rainer Huck
Philip Porter
Frank Meyer
Robin Sims
Edwin Navarro
William McGraw
H. Myers
David Chance

Chris Halvorson
Hoyt Stearns
KVK Nehru
Lawrence Denslow
Jan Sammer
M. Witter
Bob Hewitt
Sara Estby

Frank Meyer called for errors or omissions. Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Rainer Huck that the minutes be accepted as read. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: read by Rainer Huck

$ 3900.48   at beginning of year
+ 1937.10   book sales
+ 1340.00   Reciprocity sales
+ 130.00   memberships

A complete report is attached to these Minutes.


Financial statement: July 29, 1988 to August 9, 1989

Balance as of July 29, 1988   3914.80
Income: Book sales 1937.10  
Memberships and contributions 1340.00  
RECIPROCITY subscriptions 130.00  
Interest 198.00  
St. Paul F&M Ins. Co. Grant 400.00  
Misc. 69.23  
Total 4074.33  
Expenses: Postage and printing 218.79  
Loan repayments 750.00  
Book purchases 1227.07 *
Misc. 147.09  
Hoyt Stearns grant 300.00  
Total: 3881.48  
Net income for year: 192.85
Balance August 9, 1989 4107.65
* Includes $917.20 expenditure for reprinting of 485 copies of The Case Against the Nuclear Atom.

Rainer Huck, Treasurer, August 9, 1989

The current balance is $ 4107.65. There were 54 paid memberships in 1989.

Frank Meyer called for questions on the Treasurer’s report. Jan Sammer asked about money paid to Hoyt Stearns for cold fusion experiment. Rainer Huck said Hoyt Stearns would be reporting back to ISUS very soon. Edwin Navarro said that in the future any grants should be properly approved.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Lawrence Denslow that the treasurer’s report be accepted. The motion carried.

Frank Meyer called for any Old Business. Edwin Navarro presented a report on membership activity. He presented the attached membership report.


Membership data

Number of paid memberships: 54
Number of paid subscriptions: 13

Contributing members: J. Jackson
W. McCraw
M. Gilroy
F. Anderson
W. Sitze
F. May
T. Harris
Sustaining members: F. Meyer
R. Huck
Corporate contributors: St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
arranged by F. V. Mayer

Navarro mailed out cards soliciting memberships and said that the cards had generated a lot of new interest and a number of new members.

Edwin Navarro is at 113 Chinkapin Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23185, if any new persons wish to reach him for membership.

Frank Meyer asked if the membership list could be made public or distributed. Edwin Navarro said that any member who did not want his name passed out then please so advise him and such name would be held private.

Frank Meyer asked for any discussion. There was none.

Regularly moved by Rainer Huck and seconded by Phil Porter that Edwin Navarro’s report be accepted. The motion carried.

F. Meyer presented the Editor’s Report.

Two issues of Reciprocity were published: Volume 18, no. 1 and 2 as well as volume 3, No. 1 of ISUS News, at a cost of 2½ cents/page, meeting the minimum number of 200 required by the 3rd class mailing permit. Foreign mailings have to be mailed out first class. Frank Meyer expressed the wish that the number of subscribers could be increased from 200 to 1000. S. Estby asked if bulk mailing was still economical as compared to first or other postal class. Frank Meyer replied that in the long run we must stay with bulk mailing permit.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Edwin Navarro, to accept the Editor’s Report. The motion carried.

Frank Meyer asked if there were any further comments with respect to Old Business.

Jan Sammer asked about the proposals for studying the cosmic proton. Frank Meyer replied that Larson and Satz would investigate and calculate the mass of the cosmic proton, such number to be published in Reciprocity.

Frank Meyer said that back issues of Reciprocity are still available at his address and he is planning to mail 6 issues of each Reciprocity to Rainer Huck, so that ISUS will have a supply of back issues.

Larry Denslow asked if he could find out which issues were published. Frank Meyer said he would write out a list of available back issues and print it in the next Reciprocity.

Frank Meyer commented on the Boston University meeting. He said ISUS had been turned down by the Physics Department. Prof. Shimony of Boston University, assigned to evaluate the Reciprocal System, recommended to the Physics Department not to invite ISUS. Now a new development is that Prof. Anderson’s Engineering Department is willing to invite ISUS. Frank said to watch for further developments.

Chris Halvorson said that the variable mass concept is central to many people’s thoughts. Tom Kirk commented on the mass varying with speed. Chris Halvorson said mass is a good point of entry to introduce Reciprocity theory.

Frank Meyer asked re: progress on school. David Chance commented that Larry Denslow is crating a long-term project videotape. Rainer Huck said The Case Against the Nuclear Atom had been reprinted. 485 copies are now for sale at $6.00 each.

Re: copies of Larson’s Liquid State Papers, they are still not ready for publication. Re: conference videotaping. David Chance said ISUS should split costs of taping, as well as splitting profits. Phil Porter explained profits are the amount left over after costs. David Chance requested that arrangements for taping be continued to this year as well, since he is preparing a 6-hour video of the 1989 conference.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Edwin Navarro that ISUS extend the agreement for videotaping the conference. The motion carried.

Frank Meyer read the final Old Business of rebinding Basic Properties of Matter. Phil Porter said all copies of BPM are now rebound.

Frank Meyer explained the ISUS electoral policy. There are 4 vacancies on the Board of Directors at this time. The retirees are Roy Curtin, Edwin Navarro, David Halprin and Ronald Blackburn.

Frank Meyer asked for 4 nominations. Rainer Huck commented on the background of Blackburn, Curtin, Halprin and Navarro.

  • Larry Denslow nominated Chris Halvorson
  • Phil Porter nominated Edwin Navarro
  • Chris Halvorson nominated Ronald Blackburn
  • Phil Porter nominated David Halprin
  • Frank Meyer nominated David Chance

Regularly moved by Bob Hewitt and seconded by Rainer Huck that the nominations be closed. The motion carried.

Frank Meyer explained the duties of Board Members as promoting the Reciprocal System of theory and the Society’s objectives. Jan Sammer read from the Constitution of ISUS the objectives of the society.

Frank Meyer asked of the nominees would accept nominations. Halvorson accepted. Chance declined.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Larry Denslow that the remaining four nominees be elected to the Board by acclamation. The motion carried. Thus Halvorson, Navarro, Blackburn and Halprin are elected to the Board.

Frank Meyer then commented that Edwin Navarro had applied for the president’s position. Frank Meyer said he was happy to encourage a new person as president and thanked all concerned for allowing him to be president and stated he was very willing to remain on as Board member and editor.

Frank Meyer asked for nominations for secretary of ISUS.

Rainer Huck nominated Ronald Satz. Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Edwin Navarro that nominations be closed and Satz be elected by acclamation. The motion carried. Ronald Satz was elected secretary by acclamation.

Larry Denslow nominated Rainer Huck as Treasurer. Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Edwin Navarro that nominations be closed and Huck be elected by acclamation. The motion carried. Rainer Huck was elected Treasurer by acclamation.

Chris Halvorson nominated Edwin Navarro as President. Regularly moved by Larry Denslow and seconded by Rainer Huck that nominations be closed and Huck be elected by acclamation. The motion carried. Edwin Navarro was elected President by acclamation.

  • Edwin Navarro opened nominations for Vice President.
  • Rainer Huck nominated Frank Meyer as Vice President.
  • Frank Meyer nominated David Halprin as Vice President.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Chris Halvorson that nominations be closed. The motion carried.

Vote by show of hands for Vice President showed Frank Meyer elected as Vice President.

At this point the meeting was adjourned for a break.

After the meeting resumed, Phil Porter regularly moved and Rainer Huck seconded that NPP business be now dealt with. The motion carried.

William McCraw, the Vice President of North Pacific Publishers is present. Phil Porter said he would like to share lists of available literature of ISUS and NPP. McCraw said NPP already is very open in sharing lists. Regularly moved by Frank Meyer and seconded by Phil Porter that NPP and ISUS share promotion of available literature. The motion carried.

Larry Denslow requested permission to quote from Larson’s works without the need of extensive bibliography. W. McCraw said the law is now that for limited copies, excerpts can be used freely.

Jan Sammer commented that BPM will soon be reprinted by ISUS in smaller format, as soon as corrections are complete. McCraw said Larson wishes a division of functions between NPP and ISUS and he wishes NPP to stay with book publishing and ISUS to stay as an intellectual group. Dorothy Larson said she now refers many interested persons to ISUS.

Edwin Navarro asked how Reciprocity editors are elected. Phil Porter said editors are recommended by the president and approved by the Board. Navarro said in that case the editorial people shall remain unchanged for now. Navarro asked re: production of introductory literature. Huck said only old literature is available and the book list needs to be updated. Navarro said we need a new introductory brochure. David Chance said he has been working on a revised brochure and handed out to Board members a questionnaire form to help design a rewrite of the brochure. Chance requested comments to be returned immediately and he would coordinate the writing of a new brochure.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Frank Meyer to thank Chance for his effort at rewriting the brochure. The motion carried.

President Navarro said he would like to establish a grant policy and asked Rainer Huck to elaborate on the grant to Hoyt Stearns. Rainer Huck said the grant to Hoyt Stearns was justified to explore cold fusion and that Huck and Meyer had authorized the grant.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Larry Denslow that the ISUS Board endorse the action of Rainer Huck in making the grant. The motion carried.

Regularly moved by Larry Denslow and seconded by Rainer Huck that the Executive Board propose a policy of grants to be presented to the entire Board in the next 3 months. The motion carried.

President Navarro called for other new business. Frank Meyer said Isaac Asimov is familiar with RS theory, but not sympathetic. Bob Hewitt asked if other popular scientists have been notified of RS theory.

Navarro suggested sending information to physics departments. David Chance asked why Meyer recommends not sending Asimov any material. Meyer replied Asimov has reviewed Larson’s last book and approved of Larson’s questioning of the nuclear model, but rejected the RS atom.

Navarro said he is in favor of sending information out to many places and asked for suggestions. Stearns said he writes letters to magazines, such as Scientific American, but most often he gets no response. M. Witter asked re: feasibility of putting Larson’s books in university libraries. Denslow said he gave a full set of books to his university, but all were rejected. Halvorson said many of the Colorado libraries had the older Larson books.

Navarro asked what ISUS should do now. Chance suggested two brochures should exist. One for laymen and one for physicists.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Frank Meyer that the 15th Annual Convention of ISUS be held on August 3rd and 4th 1990 on the campus of Reed College, Portland, Ore. If Reed College is not available, then attempts should be made to find a suitable college campus in Portland or the Jade Tree Motel if no campus location can be located. Phil Porter described all services available at Reed College. Phil said he would look after all arrangements. Navarro requested that future conference attendees should pre-register. The motion carried. Phil Porter said commitments to Reed College need to be made by March 1990.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter and seconded by Frank Meyer that the President have the authority to commit up to $300 to secure Reed College accommodations. The motion carried.

Navarro called for any other business. Chris Halvorson asked if there were any standards for programs.

Regularly moved by Phil Porter that Halvorson head the committee to formulate program standards.

Navarro said he would like to see abstracts ahead of time.

Meyer asked Halvorson to volunteer to preside in 1990.

Navarro asked for volunteers to work with Chris Halvorson. Porter volunteered. Meyer nominated S. Estby to the program committee. Navarro appointed all three persons to the committee.

Frank Meyer thanked Robin Sims for chairing the meetings and for recording the minute and Phil Porter for arranging the meeting.

Regularly moved by Chris Halvorson and seconded by Rainer Huck that the meeting be adjourned. The motion carried.

Minutes recorded by Robin Sims.


The 14th Annual Convention of the International Society of Unified Science was held on August 11-12, 1989, in Portland, Oregon. This year marks Mr. Larson’s 90th year and the 30th year since his first book on the Reciprocal System was published.

The headquarters was in the Jade Tree Motel, which is close to Mr. Larson’s house. The conference began at 9:00am Friday morning, the 11th in the Jade Tree’s conference facilities and ran Friday and Saturday, with the ISUS Business Meeting late Saturday afternoon. There was a social gathering Friday night at the Larsons’ and a banquet dinner Saturday night.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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