1992-08-06 17th Annual Business Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Minutes of the BUSINESS MEETING, at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, August 6, 1992

The business meeting of the International Society of Unified Science was called to order at 2:01 pm by President Ron Satz. Eleven members were present:

Ronald W. Satz
Jim Schmidt
Frank H. Meyer
Ronald Blackburn
Robert Staehling
Laura Jean Fremauw
Rainer F. Huck
Hoyt Stearns
Lawrence Denslow
Thomas Kirk
Phillip H. Porter

Rainer Huck held proxies from Ed Navarro and Robin Sims. Frank Meyer held proxies from K.V.K. Nehru and David Halprin.

  1. Phil Porter mentioned that proxy votes are not allowed in the business meeting.
  2. Ron Satz read the minutes of the Sixteenth ISUS 1991 Convention in Philadelphia. Phil Porter moved that last year's Meeting be declared invalid. Motion died for lack of a second. The Minutes were approved as read.
  3. Rainer Huck read the Treasurer’s report :Prior year’s balance: $4575.95. Income of the year: $2,816; Expenses of the year: $3,482.14; Net income of the year: -$666.13 Balance as of August 6,1992.
  4. Frank Meyer gave a report about Reciprocity: Associate Editor, Robert Tucek submitted his resignation. Frank Meyer suggested that Daeron Meyer be promoted to Associate Editor. Ron Satz suggested that Frank Meyer talk to Robert Tucek about staying on as Associate Editor. Frank Meyer is to look into buying a Macintosh computer for Robert Tucek to use, as he no longer has access to one. Phil Porter moved to approve the Reciprocity Report with praise for the effort. Motion passed.
  5. Ron Satz asked for OLD BUSINESS:
    1. Larry Denslow moved to retain current grant policy. The motion carried.
    2. Although the ISUS Brochure is acceptable, Ron Blackburn volunteered to look at revising the brochure, assisted by Ron Satz. Rainer Huck moved to approve and the motion passed.
    3. Rainer Huck discussed putting “Quasars & Pulsars” and Arnold Studtmann’s dissertation on the price list.
    4. Rainer Huck moved to put the Studtmann dissertation and “New Light on Space and Time” on the price List.
    5. Frank Meyer will put “New Light on Space and Time” and the Studtmann dissertation on the price list.
    6. The membership goal was not reached. Even though the ad in “Popular Science” ran 3 times, it generated very little response. Laura Fremauw mentioned that we should not use a Salt Lake City address, because of certain negative associations.
    7. Ron Satz wants to think about a new ad, but will take no action.
    8. Robert. Staehling suggested that we purchase mailing list targeted to specific markets.
    9. Rainer Huck asked Frank Meyer where 150 issues of Reciprocity go, as that many extras are printed. He replied that they go to physics educators of his selection, often members of the American Association of Physics Teachers.
    10. Phil Porter suggested looking into locating other people to send issues of Reciprocity to, and using the list of the “Popular Science” respondents to send the extras to.
    11. Frank Meyer mentioned that Dewey's last book, “Beyond Space and Time”, should be published to bring new members and build ISUS. Ron Satz re-iterated that metaphysics and paranormal studies are not in the purview of ISUS. Ron Blackburn said we should put a strong statement in the brochure disavowing metaphysics. Phil Porter mentioned that many “new agers” are engineers.
    12. Robert Staehling suggested that an ISUS member should attempt to be a guest on radio talk shows, in particular, “For the People”, and “Radio Free America”, both in the short wave band. Rainer Huck moved to designate Larry Denslow to look into getting the radio shows. Motion passed.
    13. Phil Porter moved that ISUS should not publish Dewey’s last book. Ron Satz moved to amend Phil’s motion to include “ISUS in its official capacity as a scientific organ not support any work not specified in the Charter.” Ron’s amendment failed 6-4. Phil’s motion passes.
  6. Ron Satz asked for NEW BUSINESS
    1. Rainer Huck mentioned that Dewey’s daughter, Linda, asked ISUS to take over North Pacific Publishing Administration. The issue was not resolved.
    2. Ron Blackburn asked if Reciprocity should be available by magnetic tape. Ron Satz asked Frank Meyer to have Daeron Meyer look into it.
    3. Frank Meyer suggested to promote more young people to enter college physics who are already pro Reciprocal System
    4. Frank Meyer also mentioned that he likes earlier discussions about creating computer models of the Reciprocal System, but Laura Fremauw said that an instructional design must precede a computer program.
    5. Ron Satz moved and discussed a new policy on paper publication: The Editor staff does first screening of articles. Editor sends accepted papers to President or his designee, with appeal to three member Reciprocity Review Committee of Board members.

      Ron Satz accepted a friendly amendment from Phil Porter: Authors with papers that get rejected can appeal to all Board members, and if five Board members support publishing the paper, it shall be published as a minority position. Motion seconded and passed.

      Ron Satz nominated the three person Committee and Phil Porter seconded: K.V.K. Nehru, Ed Navarro and Robin Sims. Motion passed with one opposed.

    6. Phil Porter moved to change Article II, Section 1 of the Bylaws to add the information to add the information on “Basic Properties of Matter” to it. Motion, seconded by Larry Denslow, passed.
    7. Phil Porter moved to add a sentence to Article III, Section 3, paragraph l, which states “All membership categories, except student member, shall have equal membership privileges and voting rights, irrespective of the amount of dues paid”. Seconded by Frank Meyer. Motion to table.
    8. Phil Porter moved to change Article V of ISUS Bylaws:
      1. Add sentence to Section 7: “The business of the Board of Trustees may be transacted by written ballot, as specified in Section 8.”
      2. Add a new Section 8 heading which states: “Section 8. Business of the Board of Trustees may be transacted in meetings or by written ballot.”
      3. Change the present Section 8 to become paragraph a of Section 8 with it prefaced with: “a. Votes at meetings… ..A majority of…”
      4. Add a paragraph b. to Section 8 which states: “b. Votes by written ballot - Business may be decided by the Board of Trustees by using signed, written ballots collected by the Secretary. Such written ballots shall be retained for inspection by any Board member for at least one year after the outcome has been decided and communicated to the Board by mail. Issues decided by written ballots must have votable options of “Abstain”, and “None of the above”. All Board members who do not return ballots shall be counted as Abstain. The Board shall establish the procedures for balloting by mail.”
      5. Add Paragraph (d) to Section 9 which states: “(d) Nominations for positions on the Board of Trustees may also be made from the floor during the Meeting where trustees are to be elected.”
  7. The ELECTIONS were held:
    • Chris Halvorson, Ron Blackburn and Ed Navarro were up for re-election.
    • Jim Schmidt was nominated for the Board by Ron Satz.
    • Ron Blackburn, David Halprin, Ed Navarro and Thomas Kirk were nominated by Phil Porter.
    • The nominations were carried unanimously.
    • Phil Porter nominated Robin Sims for Secretary. Nomination passed unanimously.
    • Phil Porter nominated Rainer Huck for Executive Director/Treasurer. Motion unanimous.
    • Phil Porter nominated Ron Satz for President. Motion adopted unanimously.
    • Phil Porter nominated Frank Meyer for Vice-President. Motion unanimous
  8. Frank Meyer moved a vote: express thanks to Rainer Huck for hosting the l7th Convention
    Phil Porter seconded motion. The vote was unanimous. Larry Denslow moved to print the updated Bylaws. Hoyt Steams seconded. Unanimous.
  9. Board meeting closes and General meeting opens again.

Phil Porter volunteers to host the 1993 ISUS Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Frank Meyer moved approval. Rainer seconded and motion was adopted.

Ron Satz moves to adjourn. Carried. General Meeting was adjourned at 5.00 pm.

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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