1996-08-13 21st Annual Business Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA

Meeting of the Board of Trustees for the International Society of Unified Science Denver, Colorado

Declared in session at 8:45 A.M., August 13, 1996. Voting members present: Larry Denslow, Philip Porter, Rainer Huck, Bruce Peret, Frank Meyer, K.V.K. Nehru, Tom Kirk, and Hoyt Stearns. Proxies for Ronald Satz and Ron Blackburn held by Frank Meyer with specific voting instructions.

Secretary L. Denslow accepted nomination for another year in that position, re-elected unanimously. Rainer Huck was nominated and elected to continue in the position of Executive Director. Rainer Huck requested that the position of Treasurer be separated from that of Executive Director, since they were in fact separate offices, and submitted his resignation from the position of Treasurer. Resignation from the office of Treasurer was accepted by the Board with a hearty vote of thanks for his twenty years of service in that position. Motion to that effect was made later in the meeting which passed unanimously.

Phil Porter nominated and Frank Meyer seconded nomination of Larry Denslow for Treasurer. Unanimous election to that office combines the jobs of secretary and treasurer, but does not combine the offices; they remain separate offices to be elected individually in subsequent elections of officers.

Nomination of Ronald Satz to the position of Vice President, seconded by Larry Denslow, followed by discussion of the relationship between his position as Executive Researcher and that of V.P. The function of Executive Researcher is an appointed position to chair the review committee for any papers initially rejected for publication. The committee is composed of the President, V.P./Executive Researcher, and K.V.K. Nehru. Ronald Satz was elected unanimously to the position of Vice President.

Nomination by Larry Denslow that Hoyt Stearns be elected for another year as the President of ISUS. Second by Rainer Huck, and others; Hoyt Stearns elected unanimously.

Old Business

Consisted of: Internet discussion; Motions from 1995 meeting concerning investigation and formation of documents to be placed on Internet required no action by the board prior to or during the 1996 meeting. The motion for the treasurer to obtain E-mail address was passed on to the new treasurer The motion concerning a table at the IANS conference was taken care of by Phil Porter.

Further comments concerning E-mail showed that it is excessively expensive in foreign countries, while other aspects continue to make it difficult for all members to have access. Several members have separate accounts and make significant use of electronic communication; however, until all members have some kind of access, not much can be accomplished via that media.

New Business

Discussions concerned several topics:

Bruce Peret was asked to accept appointment to the editorial staff of Reciprocity and ISUS News as Associate Editor Accepted.

Tom Kirk desired further clarification of criteria for publication specifically with respect to requiring precise points of connection and divergence with previously proposed concepts within the RS. Several members added their comments which confirmed the idea that Reciprocity should have separate sections devoted to different aspects of the theory with different criteria for publication in each section rather than the present "blanket" guidelines. Motion was made that Tom, Bruce, and any others interested, prepare a formal set of rules by which judgments of suitability can be made concerning content, structure, and presentation of ideas in papers submitted for publication by ISUS. This is a motion of encouragement for those interested in this question to become involved in the process by critiquing the previously published paper in ISUS News on this topic. Motion was seconded by Larry Denslow. The motion passed unanimously.

Frank Meyer read a proposal for a resolution which required further study and thereby drew a motion to table the resolution for further study. Rainer Huck seconded the motion to table the resolution as read. Our position with respect to D.B. Larson's Beyond Space and Time was discussed at length. The motion "to table" passed unanimously. Phil Porter made motion to list D.B. Larson's Beyond Space and Time as being available for purchase thru ISUS. Bruce Peret seconded the motion. Choice of how to categorize this and The Road to Full Employment for listing in books available thru ISUS is left to the discretion of the editors was added as a friendly amendment. This motion passed unanimously.

Phil Porter made motion that the audio tape entitled "D.B.L., WSSU 1969" have multiple copies made and become available for sale thru ISUS. Second by Frank Meyer and passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Phil Porter to allow publication of papers reviewing any and all of D.B. Larson's books and papers whether related to his views concerning economic or non-physical concepts in ISUS News until such time that a broader policy of publication becomes available and that papers related to the physical aspects of the Reciprocal System of theory be continued in Reciprocity. Second by Frank Meyer with subsequent unanimous passage. Discussion concerning the nature of the content in each of the publications presently supported by ISUS was part of the deliberations.

Motion by Larry Denslow to have the book, "Fundamentals of Scalar Motion in a Multiple Reference Point Universe of Motion" be made available thru ISUS. Following a second which the ISUS News VIII, No. 2, Autumn, 1996 Secretary could not identify and considerable discussion concerning the question of whether contradictions exist between Larson's concepts and those of Denslow. The question requiring possible modifications in mode of expression of all subsequent authors by imposing sanctions regarding the listing of works available thru ISUS was brought up. Comment was made in this connection that ISUS, is NOT and should never become a "religion deifying Dewey B. Larson"; he is merely the author of a new idea. Unanimous passage of the motion was obtained. Another motion by Larry Denslow that ISUS accept the donation of copyright to the book, Fundamentals of Scalar Motion… , which it is his desire to give to ISUS. Second by Rainer Huck. Unanimous passage of motion to accept the donation. Motion by Phil Porter that the Board of Trustees grand Larry Denslow rights of revision and that all revisions be brought to ISUS to establish continued publication of the work. Second by Larry Denslow signifying acceptance of the conditions in the motion brought unanimous passage.

Motion was made by Rainer Huck that Arnold Studtmann's dissertation entitled "Toward a Unified Cosmological Physics: The Reciprocal System of D.B. Larson" again be made available thru ISUS. Seconded by Phil Porter. Price to be established by cost of printing. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Bruce Peret that the previous volumes of Reciprocity be bound together, with updated index, as a single publication to be made available thru ISUS. A friendly amendment by Rainer Huck was added to the effect that Bruce accept the responsibility for the task and, thereby the Executive Director will supply him with a full set of all back issues of Reciprocity. Format of the compilation to be at the discretion of Bruce Peret. Second to the amendment was not identifiable. Call for the question was made by Tom Kirk, the motion then passed unanimously.

Bruce Peret made motion that business cards be made for board members of ISUS to be able to give as advertisement for ISUS, funds for these cards to come from ISUS. Second by Phil Porter with request for clarification. Discussion resulted in passage of the motion with amendments for the Secretary and Treasurer to obtain an appropriate number of cards suitable for individual members to add their own name and address and to distribute an appropriate number to board members.

Discussion concerning next year’s conference was opened with considerable debate as to time and location. A motion was eventually made by Phil Porter that Hoyt Stearns host the 1997 Conference in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area, and that we try to have a Retreat in the Sedona area after the conference. Amendment by Larry Denslow that the conference be Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday, August 1, 2, and 3, 1997 was made before second to the original motion. Second by Rainer Huck to the motion as amended. A friendly amendment was added that if suitable accommodations could not be arranged in that area, the President, the Executive Director, and the Secretary/Treasurer, as a committee, select an alternate location and time. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Rainer Huck that our sincere thanks be extended in writing from the Secretary to Dean Stonier and the Global Sciences Congress for allowing us to take advantage of the arrangements by him and room for our meeting. Second by Frank Meyer. Motion passed unanimously. Motion was made that thanks be conveyed by Frank Meyer to his grandson Daeron Meyer for service to ISUS in his capacity as Associate Editor of Reciprocity. Second by Phil Porter. Motion passed unanimously.

Personal thanks from all present were extended to Dr. K.V K. Nehru for his attendance in spite of the great expense incurred; as well as, for his contributions thru correspondence and papers to our greater understanding of the concepts of the Reciprocal System of Theory.

Motion to adjourn was made by several members with as many seconds; hearing no opposition, the meeting was adjourned at 11:39 A.M., Tuesday, August 13, 1996.

Respectfully submitted: Lawrence E. Denslow, Secretary

International Society of  Unified Science
Reciprocal System Research Society

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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