Papers byThomas Kirk

  • Cold Fusion

    Beginning with Larson's atomic structure model,

    The Deuterium atom: 2-1-(1)

    An object one unit short of the more stable state of the inert gas, helium, 2-1-0. Deuterium is somewhat unstable just in its own right, as hydrogen much prefers the mass one state in nature. Deuterium is relatively rare.

    The Lithium atom: 2-1-1

  • Dissecting the Birotating Photon (PDF)

    Kirk's comments on Nehru's concept of a birotating photon. Replied to by Nehru in "Birotation and the Doubts of Thomas."

  • Motion Fundamentals (PDF)

    I was asked by the Editor to respond to comments by the editorial referee on my article, “Derivation of Reciprocal System Mathematics", and also to comment on K.V.K. Nehru’s article, “On the Nature of Rotation and Birotation.” I was surprised to find that the primary concerns from the referee and the most unusual assertions by Nehru extended from a very fundamental level of Reciprocal System development.

  • Sub-Atomic Particle Array: A Revised Hypothesis

    A slightly different derivation of the Reciprocal System of Theory leads to a different hypothesis as the basis of the subatomic particle array. The nature of charge plays a major part in the revised development. This new hypothesis is well founded in basic RS principles and, due to the foundational level from which it extends, will stand as a new view on physical theory in general.

  • The Photon: Displacement in a Second Scalar Dimension (PDF)

    An alternate description of a photon, using two scalar dimensions to describe its properties.

  • The Photon: Displacement in a Second Scalar Dimension (update) (PDF)

    The development presented here provides a reconciliation of the apparent conflict between the left-right vectorial motion and the inward-outward motion of the photon. This is shown on page 50 and page 98 of Nothing But Motion. For those not familiar with the problem, this photon model in Nothing But Motion requires inward to be left vectorial and then switch to right vectorial in different units of time. Study was given to the problem from every conceivable angle and by applying every principle which related to the motion in question.

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