The theoretical construct represented by the Reciprocal System of Dewey B. Larson is analyzed with respect to internal logical consistency and with respect to its correspondence with the external physical universe at a wide variety of points. The theoretical construct rests on the premise that the physical universe consists entirely of motion for which space and time are reciprocal aspects; this motion exists three-dimensionally in discrete units; the resulting theoretical universe conforms to ordinary mathematics and to Euclidean geometry.

In the terrestrial realm, the observed properties of light - in itself, in its emission by matter, and in its interaction with matter - were compared with those predicted by the Reciprocal System. Elementary particles and the periodic table of elements generated theoretically by the Reciprocal System were discovered to compare favorably with observed properties. A number of quantities traditiona11y considered as empirical were found to be directly derivable from the fundamental postulates of the Reciprocal System: these included Planck's constant, the spins and magnetic moments of the electron, proton, and neutron, the Stefan-Boltzmann constant, the work functions of the elements, and interatomic separations in the solid state. The energies and lifetimes of a large number of high-energy particles, including psi-3695 and psi-3105, were determined to be correctly predicted by the theory.

In the celestial realm, schemes of stellar and galactic evolution predicted by means of the Reciprocal System were found to yield a theoretical universe compatible with the observable universe. It was determined that, historically, Larson had correctly predicted the existence and properties of pulsars and quasars several years prior to their actual discovery by application of the principles of the Reciprocal System. All observable properties of pulsars and quasars were found to be in close agreement with those predicted by the Reciprocal System.

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