Papers byDavid Halprin

  • Atomic Number Equation Based on Larson's Triplets (PDF)

    How to calculate the atomic number by a simple equation from Larson's A-B-C notation.

  • Che Sara Sara (PDF)

    As a result of my recent rereading of various sections of the texts on the Reciprocal System of Theory, with a view to making an attempt to find a simple approach to teach the theory to newly interested “students,” I came across, what appears to me to be, thirteen assumptions, listed below in the form either as a stated assumption or as a question re explicit or implicit assumptions uncovered.

  • Critical Universality

    Now to a very important matter for us all to give serious consideration to. I am quoting from a letter, that a disenchanted member of ISUS once wrote to me, and I shall follow it with my own ‘start of an approach’, in the almost vain hope that I may stimulate a reader with some knowledge on Critical points, and Curie temperature, to add to it.

  • Earth Satellite

    I suggest that there could be a ‘crucial experiment’ to investigate, due to some information I came across a few years ago, about 1992.

  • Four Types of Magnetism and Critical Universality (PDF)

    A discussion magnetism and the and the Liquid-Vapor criticality point.

  • Intrinsicality (PDF)

    A discussion of the intrinsic assumptions made b y other theories, and their implications on trying to understand the Reciprocal System.

  • Ionization Levels in the Reciprocal System (PDF)

    Calculations of ionization levels for the elements.

  • Laws to Perception based on Notions of Motions (PDF)

    To date, current physics and its adherents have not shown any real depth of analysis into all the theoretically possible types of motion and their concomitant manifestations. So here begins a step-by-step investigation.

  • Prepostero's Book
    The Reciprocal System of Theory, (RS), founded by Dewey Larson, has been extant for several decades and has been known by the cognoscenti to have the potential to explain all the events and existents of the physical universe. In addition to Larson’s own published findings and developments, there have been many more additions to the catalogue of achievements made by others without the need for assumptions; the fundamental postulates subsume all deductions needed to explain the physical universe.
  • Questions of Origins and Nature of Light and Matter

    This is a follow-up of my recent letter Prof. Frank Meyer, for further clarification of some ideas therein.

  • Questions of Origins and Nature of Light and Matter
    This is a follow-up of my recent letter Prof. Frank Meyer, for further clarification of some ideas therein.

    When a mathematician analyzes a three-dimensional motion, he usually ‘attaches’ a framework and then discusses the resolutes of the motion, each referred to the separate axes respectively. These resolutes are usually planar projections of a one-dimensional space curve, breaking it down into 3 one-dimensional plane curves.

  • String Theory Analysis (PDF)

    Summary and overview of what I comprehend re the stages, that current physics has been through, and will be at its hoped-for penultimate goal presently, and what its advocates have achieved and partly solved, and what they hope has yet to be solved, and will be solved, gray matter permitting.

  • The Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Unified States of the Physical Universe--A Comparison (PDF)

    Here we have a limited parallel between the laws of Northern America and the role that they play in the administration of the life of the inhabitants, living therein and the laws of physics, pertaining to all the states of matter, that exist, or may exist, within the Physical Universe.

  • The Larson Number System (PDF)

    A short summary of how Larson's integer numbering system works, and the difference between speed and displacement.

  • The Nuclear Atom? (PDF)

    The true theory of the physical universe, from microcosmis to macrocosmos.

  • Ultimate Analysis

    This is an analysis of those schools of thought and endeavour, which formulate and develop theories and paradigms, and one of its purposes is to highlight source(s) of dissonance, whether cognitive or unknown, with special reference to the Reciprocal System of Theory.

    Essentially where you read Analysis, Analyst & Analytical you may assume it encompasses any row of three items in TABLE 1 below.

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