Evolution through Chains and Rounds

Original PowerPoint Slides

Created by KVK. Nehru

The Theosophical Society :: Adyar

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The Ancient Wisdom teaches us

  • That there is the Law of Periodicity—cyclical forthcoming and return, and the ceaseless alternation of Activity and Quiescence,
  • The existence of the Septenary System, and
  • The Duality of evolution, which affects both Consciousness and the vehicles it uses.

In some strange way the number 7 seems to be deeply laid in the architecture of the Universe. Therefore Man follows the same pattern throughout his life cycle. The Earth on which he lives, as well as all the planets of the Solar System, follow the same Law, with a period of activity technically called Manvantara, followed by a period of rest, Pralaya.

Human life on Earth is divided into seven Root Races, each developing a particular Principle in the constitution of Man. Each Root Race, in turn is sub-divided into seven sub-races with different shades of evolutionary emphasis.

This series of slides depicts the Evolution of Life through the Planets, Rounds and Chains of Planets and beyond; passing from the three Elemental Kingdoms, the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, the Human Kingdoms to the lofty Dhyâni-Chohanic Kingdoms.

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