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The physical body is the grossest vehicle the human being possesses. The subtler bodies, namely, the Astral, the Mental and the Causal bodies of man, appear as shimmering and iridescent ovoids to clairvoyant sight. The various human emotions show up as distinct colors and dynamic structures in the Astral vehicle. At the present stage of human evolution thoughts are, to a great extent, intricately interwoven with feelings and emotions. Thoughts are real and concrete things on their Plane. They not only produce vibrations in the surrounding matter of the Mental Plane, which traverse long distances and act on sympathetically oriented Mental bodies of other individuals, they also create exquisite and varied FORMS of distinct shape, color and with a life of their own.

Thought-forms, being discrete, act on other persons’ minds with great power and efficacy. We all continually people the Mental Plane with these Thought-forms. These could be of good as well as evil type. Therefore, every one of us is responsible for the world of Thought-forms, and the subsequent mental impulses discharged by these on all Humanity. An understanding of the nature of the Thought-forms will greatly facilitate the cultivating and culturing of the power of thought for helping others and uplifting Mankind.

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