Vanguard of Humanity

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The Theosophical Society :: Adyar

Some Works Referred:

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The Ancient Wisdom contains seven Teachings concerning MAN.

  1. That man in his spiritual nature is a divine, immortal, imperishable being: for him there is no death;
  2. The purpose of his existence is spiritual evolution to the stature of the Perfect Man. This knowledge can give direction to his whole life;
  3. That human perfection is achieved by means of successive lives on Earth;
  4. That the whole process is governed by Law;
  5. That attainment is utterly certain for all;
  6. That men and women have already attained perfection. Perfect Men actually exist on this planet. Perpetually They help Humanity, both individually and as a Race; and
  7. Discipleship of a Master is a practical possibility for modern man.

The Monad (Turîyâtma), existing on the Anupâdaka Plane, puts forth a reflection of itself and acquires vehicles on the lower Planes for the sake of gaining experience. The Permanent Atoms and Principles get attached to the Monad with the help of the seven Creative Hierarchies (Pitri Devas). These are Great Hierarchies of Beings, Who attained to high levels of Spirituality in earlier Evolutionary Schemes and assist the Human Monads in acquiring the various Permanent Atoms and Principles.

The Fraternity of Initiates and Adepts on this planet is sometimes referred to as The Inner Government of the World. This Great Brotherhood is a reflection on Earth of the Supreme Deity as Emanator, Preserver and Regenerator of the Universe. That One Alone becomes manifest first as a Trinity, next as a Septenary, and then as all the exuberant variety. There are Great Beings Who guide the entire evolution—human as well as non-human. They are the Watchers, the Lords, the Dhyânîs, the Manus, the Buddhas, and the Bodhisattvas.

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