Prâna and the Chakras

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The Theosophical Society :: Adyar

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The Etheric Double is the vehicle of Prâna, the Life Force emanating from the Sun. How the sevenfold Prâna from the Sun constitutes what are called the Vitality Globules is depicted. The Etheric Double forms the first link in the bridge between the physical or brain consciousness and the higher states of consciousness. Therefore a knowledge of its structure and functioning, especially of the Chakras or Force-centers located in it, should be of vital interest to the student of the Ancient Wisdom.

An account of how the Chakras specialize the five Prânas (vital airs) and distribute through out the body is given. The seven principal Chakras are illustrated and described. The Health Aura is introduced. The modifications that take place in the Prânic flow, in the case of a person who has made progress on the spiritual path, are shown.

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