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It is necessary to focus attention on the maladies threatening the human security—the maladies caused by some other members of the same species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Before we can hope to free the human society from these insecurities caused by its own members, it becomes imperative to understand why human beings behave this way—why the truly human qualities like self-sacrifice, sympathy and love, do not yet manifest universally.

Scientific knowledge of the psycho-spiritual PRINCIPLES constituting the Human Being is a necessary pre-requisite to usher the age of emerging globalisation phenomenon through non-violence, tolerance and cooperation. These PRINCIPLES have been delineated in the Ancient Wisdom of humanity for ages. It is necessary to introduce these important Truths in the light of modern scholarship.

In fact, Theosophy reveals that the real Human Self is triple in nature, transcends the ‘personality’ localized in time and space, and has a program and goal of His own, which is to reach back to the Divinity in fully-awakened consciousness. The personality, which is the psycho-emotional structure in us, might fancy goals of his own, which may not be identical to the goals of the real Human Self.

It also teaches that there is not only the evolution of Form, but also a concomitant unfolding of the potentialities of Consciousness, and that there is a Hierarchy of levels of Consciousness in the Universe. At any level, not only there is certain autonomy but also a necessity to transcend that in order to meet the requirements of a Greater Whole of which it is a part.

Any amount of planning aimed at bettering the human society, however adroitly engineered, cannot be operationally successful without an understanding and appreciation of these underlying governing PRINCIPLES. It would merely tinker at the symptoms, not eliminating the maladies.

It is not difficult trace the origin of all the human misery to the phenomenon of the ‘I’ in the human individual. That is where all mischief begins. Wars, violence and exploitation have their ultimate origin there. So the problem of the world reconstruction is the problem of the regeneration of the individual. What is more difficult to realize to is that whatever action that emanates from the I-consciousness does only serve to augment the structure of that center, either grossly or subtly. If the ending of the self in the individual is the beginning of the world reconstruction, and no action or process emanating from the self can end the self, we are caught up in a vicious circle.

Can the human consciousness, without going blank, enter at all a new dimension: a dimension that is free from the limitations of space, time and causation!

A rational appraisal of the LAWS of nature pertaining to the psycho-spiritual realms is an urgent necessity because it brings home the logical imperative of ETHICS in the modern context, at the individual, corporate, national as well as international levels.

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